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  1. why dont you believe that.

    thats true in all situations they'll reverse the charge if its some sort of error. but the son bought all that farmville credit (or whatever the fuck it is)

    its mostly the sons fault and partially the mothers fault for

    i) letting the son get addicted to that game to the point of spending so much for farmville money

    ii) having credit card in easy access

    but for example my parents credit card is in easy access (in their bag/wallet) but i have the self-control to not just go and buy random shit with it (however tempting that might be)

  2. not sure what but something about this (gta4 i mean) is sorta weird.

    yeah the handling of cars is a bit weird. some missions are just annoying as. but i just dont have the motivation to keep playing the story mode etc (im only like 10% or something). online is pretty fun though.

    but they took out so much stuff from san andreas, planes, car customisation. and the fact you could enter so many buildings in SA. also i dont think you can buy safehouses in this. is their assets in this (like the car showroom in san andreas) ?

  3. Sooner or later I'll swap it for a 4870 X2 2GB (I have to get a DDR3 mother board for it), but for now the 9400 should do. Thanks ppl.

    fyi you dont need to have a ddr3 motherboard for that video card, a ddr2 one will be fine. the video card memory isnt related to your regular RAM.

    as for your question, idn if the first one could run it, maybe on 640x480 everything lowest. the second one you would probably be able to run it given you have a quad core intel. but yeah the video card will drag you down, you know this already i guess.

  4. It's quite suited for the PSP I have to say, just 2 buttons to use really. Accelerate, brake, and the analogue nub, and using the walls as your steering wheel too. FPSs are too fiddly, using the face buttons for aiming doesn't work at all well. The MOH Heroes game gave me a headache.

    oh yeah the one with x square circle triangle for aiming. epic fail. i still played it though. at least it was free :hurrhurr:

  5. ohh epic fail.

    well i havent played lately since my parents took my ps3 controls :(

    and to make it worse (sort of) my mate gave me my birthday present (since i hadnt seen him since) - battlefield badcompany 2 today. so cut.

  6. i guess this fits here


    sony's introducing this firmware update on april 1st, whatever fixes it has , it also removes the "other OS" option from the original (fat) PS3's which allowed you to install a variant of Linux, Yellow Dog.

    they're taking it out because of a exploit someone found which worked through this other OS


    This is the coveted PS3 exploit, gives full memory access and therefore ring 0 access from OtherOS. Enjoy your hypervisor dumps. This is known to work with version 2.4.2 only, but I imagine it works on all current versions. Maybe later I’ll write up how it works :)

    you can choose to not install it however according to the sony website (first link) you wont be able to access PSN and online features of games as well as some other online content, no surprise there.

  7. http://soundcloud.com/johnglover-1981/glove-cats-steppin-vol-1

    just found this dubstep mix, 1h 15min. i havent listened YET but im downloading it now.

    k listening now abou halfway through, its really awesome.


    1. MSTRKRFT – Heartbreaker (12th Planet Remix)

    2. Simian Mobile Disco - Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix)

    3. Glove Cats – Rockin with the bits

    4. Ellie Goulding - Under The Sheets (Jakwob Remix)

    5. Calvin Harris – You used to hold me (Nero remix)

    6. Joker – Digi design

    7. Deadmau5 & Kaskade – I remember (Caspa remix)

    8. Kid Sister – Daydreaming (Jakwob remix)

    9. Nero – Act like you know

    10. Breakage - Justified

    11. Rusko – Your on my mind

    12. Skream – Midnight request line

    13. Imogen Heap – Hide & Seek (Rusko remix)

    14. Doctor P – Sweatshop

    15. Caspa – Born to do it

    16. Emalkay – When I look at you

    17. Axwell, Ingrosso, Angello & LBL - Leave the world behind (LA Boxer’s remix)

    18. Kissy Sell Out – Garden Friends (Doorly remix)

    19. TC – Where’s my money (Caspa remix)

    20. Lee Mortimor & Laidback Luke – Blau! (Doorly remix)

    21. Flux Pavillion – Fucking noise

    22. DJ Fresh – Hypercaine (Nero remix)

    23. Crookers – No security (Early Black remix)

    24. Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – Heads will roll (LA Boxer’s remix)

    25. Riton & Primary 1 – Who’s there (Doorly remix)

    26. Grand Puba – Get it (12th Planet remix)

    27. Foreign Beggars – Seven figure swagger (Bar9 remix)

    28. Sidney Samson – Riverside (Breakage remix)

    29. Rusko – Cockney thug (Caspa remix)

    30. Flux Pavillion - Voscilate

    31. Miike Snow – Black & Blue (Caspa remix)

    32. Guido – Beautiful complication

    33. La Roux – In for the kill (Skream remix)

    34. Sub Focus – Could this be real (Joker remix)

    35. Chromeo – Night by night (Skream remix)

    36. Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo

    37. Ellie Goulding – Starry eyed (Jakwob Remix)

    38. The Count & Sinden – Fool in love

    39. Centigrade – Make me feel

  8. lol, the title suggest you're promoting free PSP games. I'd definitely change that, a mod will be here soon enough to tell you so. Don't really give 2 hoots about my PSP but I'll try. Don't have many games but I know the ones I do have are very good. MGS Portable Ops, GTA LCS and VCS, Everybodys Golf, Test Drive Unlimited and Burnout Dominator. Did want Burnout Legends but couldn't find it, although Dominator was part of a buy one get one free deal, so it's good. I do want loads more PSP games, but 1 analogue stick really pisses me off, I just cannot play any game on there with any degree of skill. I have the original brick PSP, can't say I've used it much on the move. A few times at Xmas at a party when we were getting tired, that's about it.

    oh yeah burnout was awesome fun...love just ramming the other cars into walls n shit :evil:

  9. well as far as i remember, on PC there wasnt really auto aim with keyboard/mouse (or i just never figured how to use it) but i do use keyboard and mouse for PC. i remember PS2 you could just press R1 and it would target somebody etc but as i said, not sure if you can do that on PC.

    mind you i havent played GTA on PS2 for a long time, i lent my san andreas to a friend dunno if he still has it / knows where it is, and liberty city stories i just gave up on.

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