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  1. woozie2

    The ^<v Game

    ^ is wrong applied for the ds because got declined from kang < is gonna make a gang when he gets enough posts v is gonna join my gang
  2. woozie2

    Introduce Yourself..

    welcome to the forum of gta dreams! lol
  3. woozie2

    second chance ?

    frank tenpenny he means
  4. woozie2

    Milkyboy's graphics

    can i have it saying cfm don's bodyguard woozie2 and for the backgroung suprise me!
  5. woozie2

    Milkyboy's graphics

    can you make me a sfm one with woozie2 on it please
  6. woozie2

    The ^<v Game

    ^is very right <is very confused v is hungry
  7. woozie2

    What would you do if...?

    get a rocket laucher and blow his ass up wwudi: a spanked up mad man comes after you with a spaz shotgun
  8. woozie2

    my new psp forum

    ok sorry i won't put that in the future
  9. woozie2

    Ur Gang In A Game

    i think your gangster site's really cool everyone join it!
  10. woozie2

    What are you eating/drinking right now?

    cake,coke,crisps what a blend!
  11. woozie2

    What does everyone think

    i think the forum is about talking to each other and making friends
  12. woozie2

    what a suprise

    i have another forum tgp's son! www.s10.CRAPPY IF SITE/thegtaplace
  13. woozie2

    shadow illusions

    cool! i've just registed! i like it!
  14. woozie2

    Checkout my forum part two

    can i be an admin please?????
  15. woozie2

    Checkout my forum part two

    i've registerd i sent you a PM on your site
  16. woozie2

    what a suprise

    no what? i didn't really mean to call it the gta place i wrote it down for a joke i thought someone already had that name
  17. woozie2

    Can I say something?

    you are not a mod you idiot you just copied it ps this in the wrong topic if you want to flame someone go to the dungeon
  18. woozie2

    Three Word Story

    his mate then
  19. woozie2

    check out my new forum

    its http://scottydoo.10.forumer.com plz join i've only got 4 people registerd
  20. woozie2

    Three Word Story

    chris then he
  21. woozie2

    Favorite HipHop/Rap Artist?

    my fav is probably 2 pac! his songs are really cool
  22. woozie2

    super puch cheat

    i thnk great fun because everytime you punch someone they go flying miles!
  23. woozie2

    I want Justice!

    i agree tommy i had some gang members attacking me and when i shot the cop come after me!
  24. woozie2


    good luck jason hope you do good as a mod
  25. woozie2

    Favourite radio station ?

    WCTR for me i find it really funny!