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  1. woozie2

    Fav City/county

    vice for me because its small and easy to find your way round
  2. woozie2

    What is your Fav. gang

    GSF because all the other gangs are crack heads
  3. woozie2

    super puch cheat

    sorry about the double ost but i realise i made a spelling mistake i meant super PUNCH cheat sorry!
  4. woozie2

    What's yo favorite Radio Station?

    my fav is V-ROCK TILL YOU DROP!
  5. woozie2

    Catalita vs deneice

    catalina will win shes the craziest bitch ever and denice is just a total wimp!
  6. woozie2

    Word Association

  7. woozie2

    The ^<v Game

    ^ wants a ford mustag with hydraulics < does'nt want a chrysler because they are very ugly v wants to join spank central
  8. woozie2

    Tommy V or CJ

    don't forget the cubans, love fist, and his own gang too
  9. woozie2

    Should there ba a mission..

    yeah that would be cool and you could find out more stuff about CJ
  10. woozie2

    Tommy V or CJ

    tommy because he survived 15 years of prision and he killed the boss of the forellis and carl only beat frank tenpenny!
  11. woozie2

    Killing fun

    blades are so cool because you can see lots of blood
  12. woozie2


    do it it would be so cool. as i really like to bet
  13. woozie2


    i live in the uk and kang you're right it is very sunny today
  14. woozie2

    Three Word Story

    his tiny penis
  15. woozie2

    Three Word Story

    a spaz shotgun
  16. woozie2

    Three Word Story

    and then he
  17. woozie2

    Need Friends.... Please!

    yo hijack i'll be your mate bro and be sure to join the subuzi family mafia!
  18. woozie2

    Three Word Story

    then she went
  19. woozie2

    Cj vs Sweet

    cj would win sweets afraid of shooting guns and ballas!
  20. woozie2

    guess who

    thts is so obvious its lemar
  21. woozie2

    RATE Person above you

    avatar 1/5 sig 4/5 per seems like a cool guy
  22. woozie2

    RATE Person above you

    avatar 3/5 sig 3/5 personality seems like a nice guy
  23. woozie2

    favourite island in liberty

    my fav is staunton cos you don't get shot as much in staunton than in portland
  24. woozie2

    Three Word Story

    and threw up
  25. woozie2

    who would win this gang war?

    groves and triads will win it easy!