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  1. just wanted to let ya know that i'm out of here and don't contact me, just that, i did'nt wnted attention, nobody CARED about me
  2. I DON'T CARE OF YOU ANYMORE F*CK YOU ALL (with some exceptions)

  3. Ok this forums bored me, my interests changed so GTA isn't fun 4 me anymore so, goodbye everyone (don't expect to see me later in the future, but sometimes i will take a look to the forums and even post)
  4. When i play in online servers, i own with m4 and tec9 (but i get killed too, i'm not inmortal or anything else)
  5. Anal Bleeding save a buck or two Porn It's everywhere you want to be Diarrhea Delicious and refreshing :rofl2: Marijuana Don't leave home without it Lol i laughed what a funny thing JUST TO LET U KNOW, I LAUGH EASYLY
  6. Man don't bump topics that are already solved
  7. I noticed that you bumped a 4 months old topic ANSWER The rapper's real name is Chris Bellard, known better as Young Maylay No idea for a question sorry
  8. My favorite was GTA2. I liked the gang respect thing and the electricity gun. I used to get respect by going into gang territory and starting to kill gang members with cars and guns.
  9. Wow cool mod, nice graphics, i like that gang. all that made me download it. Nice work!
  10. banned for having a japanese sentence in your sig
  11. i'm a poor guy now bu i have a sig thanks Connor i'm now using it!
  12. NICE ONE! OK you'll money will get to you in some minutes... hey, gimme the img code!
  13. *Forces Original GTA Master to eat RC grenades, then runs away and blows the grenades. then watches his organs fly*
  14. Banned for banning a banner that banned another banner for joining last year
  15. First i will rate some sigs. First one: It sees very cool 10/10 Second one: Sees good, but kinda blurred and too much lightning, but good sig 8/10 NOW THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE POST Time to buy!!!!!!!! OK i'll choose one, i'd like the last one, same theme, different sig. just try to make something good but remember to add my user name in the same corner!
  16. Np BartMan. ive searched for al the myths for years. and most of them are fake What i mean was that finally someone with experience, had the necesary proofs to prove that some myths are TOTALLY FAKE and what myths were REAL.
  17. My favorite is the last mission of Phil Cassidy "Boomshine saigon", in the cutscene and when he loss his arm
  18. FINAlLY SOME1 DONE THE FAKE THINGS LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TAKE THAT BIGFOOT SEARCHERS!!!!!! thanks a lot 4 posting this.
  19. OK man i wanna buy 1 of ur sigs Name: my user name! Colour/Theme: do u have any example graphics??? Render: No Size: same as yours MOST IMPORTANT THING Reward: all my monee!!!!!!
  20. Nice finds, cool music, nice video. too bad i knew all those secrets
  21. This mod seems suspectly similar to this one and this one and don't forgot this one. as you can see here, these mods are really similar to this one, mix 'em all and what you got: THIS MOD!!!
  22. banned for banning me (wtf has to do MrLlamaLlama with me?)
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