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  1. If u take a look with moo mapper, you'll notice that those trailers aren't dinamic objects, they r part of the ipl file, so, it's totally impossible unless u create a trailer as a car that use those unused car ids and give it a handling and default.ide ids and configuring em, give it wheels and then perform an .SCM coding (too hard work!). unless someone do this, will never move some of these trailers

  2. I recently had some dejavus, and they are like one every 2 days. If the planet x doesn't kill us, this overheating world will do it, u know, the poles will melt and the water level will raise a lot. all that cold water will come and it will star freezing our world. It will take out some cities, and that'll b the end. that's what i think

  3. OMG i couldn't believe what my eyes watched. i didn't see the whole video, too much. i agree with you, this thing gotta end. And talking about killing animals 4 food, that's natural, not bad. they make the hamburgers at mc donald's

  4. You are a Very large condom who likes to end life of trees


    Tried again:

    You are a sexy bastard who likes to touch vibrators

    Tried again!!!

    You are a lazy airport who likes to kiss rocks

  5. ok heres an awsome glitch!!

    alright go too the safe house in las venturas between the golf course and millie yours gf's house and go inside and use double jump chat and face the door and jump up.. u will already be in a glitch but theres is more! turn around so u can see the house and go too the right and theres is a black area u can jump down but I recommend u use a jetpack and float down because unless u have max health u might die. once ur at the bottem turn and look too your right tand there will be a glitch city! its a whole new town will bits and pieces from tons 0f building from the rest of the game!! anyways explore! oh and if u go way far doen one of the streets u will find a door.. its just a door.. no house just a floating door. if u go inside u will end up in that generals house that u steal shit from in the ryder missions. but once u leave u will be back in san andreas and if u check the map u wont be where it says u are

    The glitch city was founded by me so Im calling it "Convict City!"


    This is the city you mean?


  6. Very nice finds there, I never noticed Beta Sweet or the Ingame Screenshots in the game, although I think that Candy Suxxx poster can be found in other places too.

    Yes you're right, but that was the easiest place to found the poster and to take a pic with my confy camera. And in one of Ryder's missions when you gotta rob your first house, in the bedroom of that guy is another Candy Suxxx poster

  7. Sorry you have too confusing english to understand fully your question but i'll see if i can help.

    That means that your VC version is IMCOMPATIBLE WITH MTA. so here are some solutions:

    1. Download MTA 0.5 it's better! Download from here

    2. Download VC-MP from their homepage

    3. If you have patched VC to version 1.1. go to the options bar and choose "VC version: 1.0" change it to "1.1"

    Why it won't work

    1. You're using an unsupported version, only American VC executables work with MTA.

    2. You modded MTA

    3. You have a crappy internet connection

    Hope this helps u! :innocent: