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  1. More things found...

    Beta Sweet


    This pic in Johnson house shows the original design of Sweet.

    Reverse letters


    This CJ pic shows reverse letters in the bottom

    Candy Suxxx VC pic

    Let's hope that the hosters don't delete this image...

    In SA:


    Where do i find it?

    In da safe house...


    In VC:


    EDIT: i dont wanna post again, so here are my recent findings (pics taken with a trainer)

    Open Grave


    An open grave with anything inside. Just a pizza, also i've readed that this grave started the rumor of zombies around SA. This is in Los santos graveyard

    Ghost tags

    Using a timesync tool've i find those weird tags in Los santos graveyard when i was in my way to take a pic of the open grave

    Tag 1:

    At night:


    At day:


    Tag 2:

    At night:


    At day:


    There's more tags but i didn't taked a pic. maybe later...

    Bigger Moon glitch

    This glitch has followed the GTA series since GTA III. To make the moon grow, shoot to it with a sniper rifle...




    And like i sayed, That's all folks! :thumbsup:

  2. Some interesting things i've found.

    Cock challenge


    This can be found in Ganton gym.

    Las Venturas magazine


    This is in the bed in Johnson house. Also the pics in the magazine shows the hud and the radar. Maybe i'm the first to notice this!

    CJ's mom? not sure


    A pic of sweeet's plate


    It says GROVE4L (grove for life)

    A pic of Ryder's plate


    It says SHERM, not sure what it means.

  3. Tommy cos: 1.he has a big arson o weapons. 2 he can talk, so we can know more about his personality 3.he has a mansion an control of the city 4.he has a lot o gangs with him, only the haitians want to kill him. 5. He has more clothes.

    I disliked Claude cos: 1. He has a lot of gangs trying to kill him. 2 He can't talk, i think he's MUTE 3. He always using the same clothes. 4. Less but powerful weapons. 5.At he end of the game he has nothing more than himself: no power of the city, only money.

  4. Hi. What am I suppose to do on this mission? The man came to me by Helicopter to Washington beach, and told me to goto a boat, so I went to the boat and got in I went to where ever in the sea and there was a few Mafia people dead in the water. The man said I had to kill them, but they was already dead. I do not know witch way to go to the island. What do I have to do???


    First, install the fun island without the mission thread. After that, install the mission thread to play the missions correctly.

  5. I was wondering if the car and weapon sounds were in the Audio folder of GTA Vice. I have looked in there and could not find a file name related. Please help if you can

    I can help u. Every sound is in the VC Audio folder. But u need a program to listen to the sound effects. It's called GTA 3 Audio editor. But it works with VC. Search in google or anything else a download link. After u download it, open the program and select Open. Now, locate your gta vc audio folder and select "sfx.sdt". There u will find every sound effect in the game. Also, u can listen to them. Hope this helps! :lol:

  6. I've got all your answers:

    First:No, you can use any file to use as screenshot.

    Second:You have to select a .txt file to use as full description.

    Last:Now i've helped you, hope it works! :P

    Sorry me if i have a bad English. :( I'm chilean