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  1. RT @AlexxBingHAM: One of the best GWF episodes I've listened to yet. @John_Wayne_Racy tells her incredible story about her escape from a ho…

  2. @jdrydn @netflix @HouseofCards Final season comes out soon! Such a good show just a shame about Kevin Spacey :(

  3. RT @Krystenritter: JESSICA JONES 2 out March 8th

  4. @PlayStationUK I am looking at this month's free playstation plus games and the store is telling me they are all fr… https://t.co/pf2lTJ06fq

  5. RT @IGNUK: RT for your chance to win a limited edition #SWB2 PS4 Pro bundle to celebrate the release of #TheLastJedi! 5 runners-up win a co…

  6. RT @_sarahlizzi: #PeakyBlinders is

  7. Shame it didn't arrive before @FNATIC dropped out of #Worlds2017 but at least I am ready for #SpringSplit2018 https://t.co/lMVfkCA5C7

  8. @akalamusic Let them eat chaos by @katetempest is on constant repeat for me right now

  9. @HastingsDirect Why is my car insurance renewal price £300 more expensive than if I make a new application?

  10. @iluv_lamp https://t.co/0JzoOeh5VH

  11. Cannot wait to start my grad job and use a real server side scripting language #giveMeDotNet #phpSucks

  12. RT @matt_house: BREAKING: UKIP now distributing Listerine to prospective voters to counteract the sour taste that will follow voting for th…

  13. RT @sjokz: Double screen, double double double screen

  14. Not only is it a billion degrees in the library some savage is going around stealing the keyboard rests #RageIsBlowingGages

  15. RT @IGN: Daniel Radcliffe and Bill Paxton will play Sam Houser and Jack Thompson in the BBC's GTA Drama http://t.co/iuAu8qEtLT http://t.co/…

  16. Holly talking about a picture she took of Bedford river: "look if you saw that on the internet and you weren't from Bedford that could be anywhere... It could be Venice" you know she definitely didn't grow up in Bedford

  17. Such a good 3 days great to catch up with old friends

  18. finally united back at the top of the league however short a stay it may be...

  19. so apparently you don't get a bursary from the university if you are only re-taking failed modules and are as such considered a part time student despite having the same living costs as full time students... That seems fair...

  20. has just got timeline... Looks good and i guess would be nice on a nostalgic day...

  21. is done done done for christmas! Last assessment handed and got my IS essay back, 60% more than I was expecting from that one!

  22. 'What's in your alleways? Recycling bins? Or bullet cases?'

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