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  1. am good and now i am back :)

    how about you?

  2. BOO! :P

    lol, btw i added ya on bebo

    how ya been?

  3. hey dude you ok?

    whats your msn btw???

  4. hey who you calling fool biatch!?

    :P well i am back now :)

  5. oh but i can :D muwahahaha!

    you canh't take over we wont let you!

  6. sick!

    welcome to real gang on this forum :P

  7. sup bitch?

    you changed your name back to MLL?

  8. word,

    i added you as a friend...

  9. 'What's in your alleways? Recycling bins? Or bullet cases?'

  10. @akalamusic Let them eat chaos by @katetempest is on constant repeat for me right now

  11. @HastingsDirect Why is my car insurance renewal price £300 more expensive than if I make a new application?

  12. @iluv_lamp https://t.co/0JzoOeh5VH

  13. @jdrydn @netflix @HouseofCards Final season comes out soon! Such a good show just a shame about Kevin Spacey :(

  14. @PlayStationUK I am looking at this month's free playstation plus games and the store is telling me they are all fr… https://t.co/pf2lTJ06fq

  15. Actually made it to my lecture on time despite missing the bus I was supposed to get and the next one coming 20 mins late. Great success! Let's hope the rest of my day is as successful

  16. and like the mature kind of person you are you turned to feacal matter, lovely, thanks :) lol, come online bitch! but not now i am on holiday :P

  17. awwwwwww how sweet! *turns and throws up* :P missed you too man, you aint in PSN much anymore! WTF!?

  18. Cannot wait to start my grad job and use a real server side scripting language #giveMeDotNet #phpSucks

  19. Congratulations once again to James Gauci and Jonathan Gauci on their graduation day

  20. cool new sig+avatar m8, cheers 4 mine

  21. Essay almost done, just over 1000 words and just my conclusion to write, not too shabby :)

  22. finally united back at the top of the league however short a stay it may be...