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Status Updates posted by JustADummy

  1. Um hai! At how many time dont I talk to you? :P


  2. Umm, what the fuck is that in your sig? lol.

    I think Spaz is waay smarter than you and he knows well what he says, so I don't see the reason for calling him "Spam The Great".

    But eh, lol?

  3. Husky:

    He can't get permabanned :P

    He's a fucking Super Mod, he can only be 'ACP Suspended'

  4. Which one? The Super Personal Photo Man? Oh, deleted it accidentally :'(

  5. ROFL Just forget it :P

    Anyway, wsup?

  6. All the sigs that say Spasmodically Insane.


  7. Your 'old' one that you had hours ago. lol

  8. Rofl, is that your '04 sig or what?

    When you were the Spasmodically Insane? xD

  9. uuuh, thank you! :D

  10. Nevermind but dude, I'm being attacked with Viagra and pharmacy ads and to prevent the bots I made a required custom field saying "Are you human" and the default option is No.

    Remember that bots always choose the default for everything.

  11. Damn, I think we're having some server load. It's slow as fuck.

  12. Okay, every bot who posts will be automatically banned.

  13. Holyshit I'll be there!!

  14. Hi! What's up with you?

  15. Ohai! :P

    Wassup Kelvin?

  16. No, I realized more time ago :P

    But just could be arsed to ask now xD

  17. Is that you on the personal photo? xD :P

  18. So, wsup with ya out of MTA? :P

  19. Ah, whoops! :P

    I'm fine, we continue on MSN, etc.

  20. More the stretch, less the reading xD

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