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  1. Notice: These are gangs that are currently here right now.
  2. Remy

    The Society

    This is a great site you should also join to and i'm not just saying that it is great, its actully a great site!!! Whats so special is that the sites Gta Gangsters, Street Sweepers, and Ice Cube all merged into one big and active site. The other thing is we got 2 great site fixers and one of them actully works for IPB team. You can talk about anything you would like; music, your intrests, whatever! You can also talk about R* games aswell. There are also gangs you can join or even make one. Join The Society Today!!! http://thesociety.xpt.net
  3. Remy

    The Society

    Ok, we really need members now!! This is a big site with 38 members and we need more to get a nice and big forum. Please join this site!!! http://thesociety.xpt.net
  4. Remy


    Well, just what i need right now
  5. Remy

    how to TELEPORT!

    Well I just did it 10 times and didn't work
  6. Remy


    Thats to bad
  7. Remy

    Vehicles in future GTAs

    I hope the cars have better damage because in SA; if somebody hits the back of your car, the front bumper gets the damage
  8. Remy


    jeez, she is all over you
  9. Remy

    The ^<v Game

    ^ I am cool!!! I think < is trying to get the gang huge v is somebody that likes to use color
  10. Remy

    my new gang sig

    lol, i feel proud
  11. Remy

    Weird Al Yankovic

    I like all of his songs but i think the funniest is the "I ran over the taco bell dog"
  12. Remy

    Fav place in SA

    mine is Las Venturas
  13. Remy

    Severe inactivity

    Yeah thats true. thats sort of the good thing but if its big, it will be like LA. Who gots the most respect and whos the one you don't wanna mess with
  14. I think it will be cool because there is a lot of crime down there and GTA will fit right in
  15. Wouldn't it be cool if they flip SA or VC around in the next GTA's? Like my ESL sig two lowriders are fliiped around. Wouldn't be wierd if a GTA games' map was flipped?
  16. Remy

    What are you listening to right now?

    Metallica - Sad but True
  17. Remy

    Fav. Song

    well i guess SA covered some of your songs
  18. Remy

    Three Word Story

    in time, for 500!!!
  19. Remy

    All Cheats Uncovered!

    I was wondering when the new cheats would stop
  20. Remy

    The Drawing Game

    oh, thought it was destroy the setting, lol. Ok then
  21. Remy

    The Drawing Game

    I suppose this doesn't work, i used the picture tube on Jasc Paint Shop Pro
  22. Remy

    GTA Flip around

    i guess that can work, mine was just a thought because i looked at my sig and wondered
  23. Remy

    Graphics Request

    You better ask Geno then because hes more familer with it then me because hes in it everywhere; gtawh, Blue Hell, here, and probaly more
  24. Remy

    Question about items

    i don't even want to dare to use the steal