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  1. Remy

    Three Word Story

    that killed Geno
  2. Remy

    GTA Flip around

    It would be cool saying "WTF!?!?! Thats over there!!"
  3. Remy

    Milestone Posts

    i now have 100
  4. Remy

    Three Word Story

    Then a gopher
  5. Remy

    Three Word Story

    and got AIDS
  6. Remy

    Three Word Story

    then killed him
  7. Remy

    Three Word Story

    Then a supermodel
  8. Remy

    The ^<v Game

    ^ Will Absolutly NOT!!! < Lost all of his money v Will be my new friend
  9. Remy

    What would you do if...?

    gently caress EVERY HOT GIRL IN SIGHT!!! WWYDI you were about to be raped?
  10. Remy

    What would you do if...?

    i would take thousands of pictures of me and send them to evey porno site there is WWYDI Your dad started to have sex with your GF?
  11. Remy

    Three Word Story

    felt like a
  12. Remy

    Three Word Story

    into a girl's
  13. Remy

    Three Word Story

    bounced out in
  14. Remy

    Introduce Yourself..

    ya, you'll fit in great
  15. Remy

    Three Word Story

    So a big
  16. Remy

    What are you listening to right now?

    The Game ft. 50cent - This is how we do
  17. Remy


    i've heard of that site before
  18. Remy

    Favourite radio station?

    i think the funniest talk show was that one on VC
  19. Remy

    Do you have a psp?

    lol, i wish
  20. Remy

    Three Word Story

    but it is
  21. Remy

    I want Justice!

    It is really stupid when you steal a car and you get a star and when the ballas shoots at you, you bail out and your laying on the ground then the cop comes and kicks you then your busted. ITS LIKE THIER A TEAM!!!
  22. Remy

    Three Word Story

    get a breast
  23. Remy

    we need graphics makers

  24. Remy

    Graphics Request

    i will try and make it what other things would you like?