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  1. I have a better idea,How about a low rider thats actually bouncing up and down and have the members name hanging from a banner on the top of it,does any one here know how to make animation sigs?

    I would, tell me the software to make gifs. I'll download it off iMesh

  2. With this small community it's easier to know everyone. Like in small neighborhoods and towns, everyone knows everyone. ^_^

    Yeah thats true.

    thats sort of the good thing but if its big, it will be like LA. Who gots the most respect and whos the one you don't wanna mess with

  3. Nice sigs remy how do you get a program on your computer that lets you make them is it free

    well i use Photoshop 7.0 or Jasc Paint Shop Pro. I get it free through iMesh, Limewire, Kazaa, ect. The best one for PS is iMesh

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