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  1. i had the same problem once think it was because i cheated so i deleted the GTA3 saves from the MC and i haven´t had that problem anymore
  2. is it possible to install two versions of gta because when i play singelplayer with v1 the game crashes??
  3. hook91


    the problem is that i lost my cd to the game and i dont find it so i need a crack to play my game anyone knows were to get one??
  4. I think i have found 2 new easter eggs but i dont know how to uppload pictures
  5. haha i had that problem to it isnt called pcj 600 it is called bike
  6. is it possible to create a local game?? -if yes how do you create a server?
  7. nah i dont need any help its something wrong with my computer so i have to reinstall the whole windows:(
  8. I need help after i complete the first misson and trying to enter "the johnsson house" my computer restart so can anyone complete the first misson and save and upload that file i got a v2 version but its downgraded to v1
  9. if you still can play mini games and the minigames should be gta 1 gta london and gta2 and i want to have the old fart and burp button back
  10. How can i mod my game so i will play as the truth instead of cj?
  11. why are there not any pedestrians in the samp ? and can i use mod when i play samp ?
  12. i want new models of the bikes like yamaha R1,R6 and since both the xbox 360 and ps3 have a hard drive you should be able to download mods
  13. maybe you could choose to hafve manual or auto in the optin meny
  14. okok thx for the mod anyway got a new one for ya to convert the copbike and the quad from vice city stories to SA
  15. in some way you should be able to choose if you want to have seatbelt on or not if you wont use it you should probably fly trhough the windshileld and lose more than 50% of your health you should shoot out from the car like you do in multiplayer on SA on the ps2 real tools like in VC, you can run out of petrol also real damages on cars and bikes like loosing wheels and when you droop the exhaust pipes the car should make mor noise and the coops should have speed controls and speedcameras should be placed on some places slike the uniqe jumps but on this you have to get speed to be photoghraphed by the camera realistic injuries like if you get shoot in the leg you will have problem walking and wheelshairs should also exist btw speedometer is a must for this game you should also be able to choose the guy you want to be like you could in gta1 real cars and real names for them. MORE BIKES if they could remove the planes they could put more bikes in the game
  16. Don´t remember the name but my favorite is the gang in GTA2 that had big yellow smilies on the roof on their cars
  17. hehe i got one:P of my old computer I was going to play command & conqer Generals ( didnt have the system requsts for the game) then it started to flash in random colors red blue yellow green..... then the computer died I could start it agin so i had to take a knife to get out my cd and the next day me and my old computer took a walk at the backside of our garden were i set it on fire
  18. I cant download it so could someone send it over msn .............
  19. here comes som really bad news it didnt work for me look just at this screenshot wierd.bmp but thanks anyway
  20. yeah that would be nice and a ktm exc 125
  21. but how do I do that then??
  22. I wonder if there is a mod that makes me drive on the walls with bikes or can I just change that in the handling cfg??
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