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    Weird question...

    the t rex would kill a lot of them especially at first, probably get tired, take a nap, get scratched a little, but as far as I know they have tough skin, so it wouldn't be too bad, wake up, kill more, then eventually win. we are 2020
  2. zaekaleem

    Why is this forum inactive

    I am a long time member of a wrestling forum and a lot of Nox Vidmate VLC wrestling forums thrive because it's something that comes on TV each week, so, there is always something to discuss. Game forums, for the most part, tend to die when there is no new game to talk about.
  3. zaekaleem

    I haven't been here in a while

    He's the most upright guy from my estimation since he's communicated even in bad times. He pretty much stays out of every malee that happens online between peeps.