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  1. Hen925

    GTA MODS??

    Hello! Interested in GTA IV and GTA V graphic mods! Any opinions? If you want an updated list of the recent GTA V mods, I actually wrote an article that can be viewed HERE! Here is a brief summary: Graphics are a crucial part in GTA V. Have you ever wanted to enhance your GTA V gameplay? Or create a seamlessly different environment that is more immersive in GTA V? Mods are for you! Look at my article that describes the top ten GTA V graphic mods to immense your gameplay. What are your favourite mods???
  2. Hen925

    Arena War Cars???

    What are your favourite Arena War Cars?? I actually wrote an article HERE to show my favourite! Who wants to try and beat me? Let's go! Here's a brief summary of the article: Calling all GTA V Online players! If you enjoy playing Arena Wars on GTA V Online, this article is for you.! Here is an in-depth look at GTA V Arena Wars vehicles so you can pick the best one to crush your competition. Featuring cars of all type variety, styles and type to suit your Arena Wars need.
  3. Hen925

    Best car mod ever !

    Awesome! Thanks so much!
  4. Hen925

    GTA Wii

    Oh no, glad it didn't come to Wii! It wouldn't look too good LMAO
  5. Hen925

    GTA V - 4K 60 FPS settings on GTX 1070

    Yes! I would love one as well!
  6. Hen925

    Hunting people car bomb style

    LOL - I love it! That's such a good idea
  7. Hen925

    nothing new

    I love it! Nice job!