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  1. if it is true (which i doubt) they need to pull there fingers out there arses and get this game completed for release cos the end of april is fuckin ages away and i am losing interest wid this game now lol.

  2. Where exactly?
    Look at different websites. Just about everyone I go to is showing me a different date, Best Buy says March 3rd, Circuit City says April 1st, Amazon.com says April 30th, and GAME.co.uk says "2008". These are all just filler dates, something to tell the customers who pre-ordered or want to pre-order when the game is "expected" to ship, they just randomly select a date in the time period Rockstar Games has set (Q2). None of these are right, wait for an official announcement from Rockstar.

    Yer go with this guy. Check the website out.

    we will probly have this game in 10 yrs or maybe 20, rockstar need to sort shit out this game is fuckin dying!!!!