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  1. it was all right

  2. Just been really busy. I'll start being more active again soon.

  3. Ok, so i was thinking of downgrading to v1 of SA, but wanted to be able to play my v2 saves, so could you telll me where you got that thing that let's you play v2 saves?

  4. 5 of the same one... Are you high dude? they're all different and about different stuff...

  5. Administrator is awesome cuz he never says anything just like Claude from GTA III.

  6. Yea... i like my userbars...

  7. Hi. I like your profile pic. :D

  8. Knock Knock. Me again. So I saw your Chiliad Challenge post, could you post a pic of where you put the Rancher? I want to do it myself. I'll probably get you to do the LV air races since I'm no good at flying. But in Vice City I beat the Sunshine Autos all 6 in a row with the same car so street racing is my thing.

  9. Hey Zoom Zoom, how'd you get the

    "Zoomzoom" custom thing on you? And, also, just to let you know, I just completed "End of The Line" on my 4th try (I kept failing cuz I couldn't get my car behind the firetruck and save sweet fast enough :D)

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