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  1. I just love the fact that EA actually thought that Take-two would sell their business, and hence one of the biggest games EVER!!!

    :clapping: Gotta luv em for trying!!! :clapping:

    Can't blame them for trying, GTAIV is estimated to sell 100 million copies, priced at 60$ each, making about 4 billion dollars (after taxes, production costs, covering salaries of those who worked on it for 4-5 years and taxes and other stuff).

  2. All right, so I did the El Burro missions before "Last Requests" (when you go to Staunton Island), but then when I came back to Portland I noticed El Burro's phone icon, and when I went to check it out he gave me Turismo even though I'd already completed all his missions before.

    This ever happen to anyone before?

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