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  1. I think they must cut the profanity out of the game and maybe cut out some dirty scenes. Importing from the UK or anywhere in Europe would be the easier option just that most shops now I have heard aren't taking pre-orders anymore.

    I live in the Netherlands. The only thing I want to say is that there's no problem with buying games in Holland. I can buy every game I want.

    Example: Manhunt is Adult Only rated, and I bought it without any problems! :innocent:

  2. I got something too on the disc of san andreas for the PS2. With the download from this page [from the gta place of course :P ].

    I've looked to the texture files on the disc and what I saw were Images from Vice City!

    When you take this path in your browser when the gta-san andreas disc is inserted: D:\Models\TXD\Splash1.txd and Splash2.txd. I don't know why rockstar put these images on the disc, but they are no use to the whole game! <_<