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  1. well, today i was driving on the interstate, and i saw one of our few unmarked charger police cars.

    so. how about someone make a charger police car? ^_^

    that would be really cool. and hopefully JVT, you read this, because you are excellent with your mods

  2. well, hello, im sean, im from ohio, just thought i'd introduce myself.

    i have a couple questions, went through a few pages, trying to look if they were asked before, but i didn't find anything.

    1. When doing mods, how many would you guys recomend? i don't want to go crazy and end up crashing the game

    2. are there any way to get ps2 mods? if so, can someone send me a link thats easy steps, for i am very very new at anything computer oriented;-)

    thanks alot

    sorry, as soon as i posted i found the second question.. please disreguard. still need an answer for the first:-)

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