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  1. Antichrist

    GTAIV: Vice City/GTAIV: San Andreas

    Tokyo would be mad as fuck.
  2. Antichrist

    Who Thinks Jack Thompson is an Asshole?

    Im a fan....When the river runs red...You take the dirt track.
  3. Antichrist

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Stories

    CJ is black so he's heaps cooler then some Daygo scummer. edit: It would be cool if like you could be Sweet/Smoke/Ryder, cause VC Stories is Lances' bro who was ment to die. So why not Ryder or Smoke? They could've survived. Or you could be CJ's mumma, she'd rock.
  4. Antichrist

    2 boys found dead in a suitcase

    Stay out of Cranbourne, Noble Park, Dandenong, Doveton and Hampton Park, And your alright Dont forget Heidelberg or Reservoir.
  5. Antichrist

    What are you listening to right now?

    Decade Of Therion-Behemoth.
  6. Antichrist

    Songs you would like to see in GTAIV?

    I'd be keen on killing somebody to some Cannibal Corpse or Cryptopsy.
  7. Antichrist

    problem modding

    myself and my cousin have had problems applying skin, i've applied the skins and they come up alright but i go into the game and it crashes? Any quick fixes?
  8. Antichrist

    What pisses you off?

    Fat chicks Daygos.
  9. Antichrist

    What are you listening to right now?

    Children Of Bodom-Tie My Rope.
  10. Antichrist

    Is there any Metal looking skins?

    Thanks man, I'm gonna search for some like long hair or something. Because it's shitting me having all these gay hair cuts n shit. Any luck for you finding them?