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  1. Top 5 Favourite songs would be

    Kings Of The Carnival Creation-Dimmu Borgir (IMO it has the best arrangements)

    Raining Blood-Slayer (One of the greatest riffs ever written)

    Decade Of Therion-Behemoth (So fast, So angry yet so awesome)

    Eaten-Bloodbath (I love a song about getting eaten)

    How The Gods Kill-Danzig(Has one of the best clean riffs i've ever heard)

  2. I get the same everyday because i stopped working because of shit pay and shit hours. Then i quit my parents were like "Oh your a lazy piece of shit" and now i play guitar for my band it's like...I'm still lazy and shit because im in my room practicing constantly. Shes like go out n shit. I go out on weekends, weekdays is my jam time n shit but yeah just ignore it.

    It's a normal thing for parents to bust balls.

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