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  1. Nah... Probably not.

  2. I'm good, thanks. :)

  3. I'm doing good. You?

  4. Not much. Thanks.

  5. Nope! Not too fond of The Mighty Boosh anymore... Might change it soon.

  6. Erm, no... sadly...

  7. And yours isn't? >:o Haha. Buckethead owns!

  8. Thanks man!

  9. Best. Username. Ever.

  10. If i told you i would have to kill you.

  11. iphones suck dude!

  12. Hey, thanks man. :P

  13. Happy birthday man.

  14. Snatched it from another forum. :3

  15. lol, thanks man.

  16. Used to... It got fucked though. Won't let me log in anymore. :(

  17. Meh, ive been on quite a few forums and have always had Alkaline 64 as my Username, its just to avoid confusion really...

  18. Happy 100th Birthday!

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