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  1. Listen Asshole. Don't Come in here acting as if your a San Andreas pro or something. You don't know how much i play the game, since i got it on it's first day...what was that 2004? Yeah it was. I could play it every day as far as you know. So please SHUT THE FUCK UP. And since this is my guide, you can deal with it and shut the fuck up cause we ain't changing because some faggot thinks he's right

    As for the the different sets, I know your getting your information off Wikipedia. And it's funny that it doesn't matter what different sets there are because once you take over Glen Park, There is no Kilo Trays.

    -Front Yard Ballas.

    *Kilo Trays.

    -Rollin Heights Ballas.

    *Temple Drive.


    There are four known sets of Ballas: The Front Yard Ballas, The Rollin' Heights Ballas, the Kilo Trays, and the Temple Drive Ballas.


    The Ballas come in two sets - Front Yard Ballas and Rollin Heights Ballas. The Front Yard Ballas are Los Santos' most notorious drug dealers, and Grove Street's biggest rivals. The Rollin Height Ballas act as backup and control only the tiny area of Glen Park, although they are said to be expanding south, into Idlewood.


    Front Yard Ballas

    The Front Yard Ballas, a branch of The Ballas are the Orange Grove Families' fiercest rival gang. They control Jefferson and much of Idlewood. They are notorious for brutality and drug dealing.

    Rollin Heights Ballas

    The Rollin Heights Ballas are another branch of The Ballas. Their main turf is in Glen Park, Los Santos, but they are slowly expanding towards Idelwood. All of the Los Santos gangs have their eye on the most "contested" turf, Idelwood.


    Main rival of the Grove Street family. There are 2 kinds of Ballas: Front Yard ones who are drug dealers and Rollin Height ones who control the Glen Park.

    A Fuck U i could tell you every thang dumb shit so you got problem then fuck u i dont give a fuck, ha bet you dont know who Madd Doggs manager's name is, i want you to tell me when you find out, then i could tell you pay attention to the damn game.

  2. i have seen plane crashes everywere one hit in Downtown Los Santos, 2 it hit the light house in Sana Maria Beach, 3 it hit some rocks in Mount Chiliad, 4 one hit denises house in Ganton, and Five one hit the Garver Bridge in San Fierro, 6 one hit the street going up to Vine wood sign, 7 one hit me at Madd Doggs mansion and 8 one hit the hill behind Catalinas place.

  3. Gang Name: Leone Family

    Territory: Saint Mark's, Atlantic Quays, Red Light District, Hepburn Heights, Chinatown

    Weapon: 9mm Pistol

    Leader: Salvatore Leone

    Enemies: Sindaccos, Triads, Diablos, Columbian Cartel, Forellis

    Origin: Italian

    Gang Name: Sindacco Family

    Territory: Red Light District, Chinatown, Hepburn Heights, Torrington

    Weapon: 9mm Pistol

    Leader: Paulie Sindacco

    Enemies: Leones, Forellis, Yardies

    Origin: Italian

    Gang Name: Forelli Family

    Territory: Fort Staunton, Newport, Bellevile Park, Witchita Heights

    Weapon: 9mm Pistol

    Leader: Franco Forelli

    Enemies: Sindaccos, Yardies, Yakuza, Southside Hoods

    Origin: Italian

    Gang Name: Triads

    Territory: Chinatown

    Weapon: Meat Cleaver, 9mm Pistol

    Leader: Unknown Name

    Enemies: Leones

    Origin: Chinese

    Gang Name: Diablos

    Territory: Hepburn Heights

    Weapon: Fire Axe, Baseball Bat

    Leader: El Burro (not mentioned)

    Enemies: Leones

    Origin: Puerto Rican

    Gang Name: Portland Bikers

    Territory: Portland Island

    Weapon: Uzi, Tec-9

    Leader: Cedric "Wayne" Fotheringay

    Enemies: None

    Origin: Caucasian

    Gang Name: Yardies

    Territory: Newport

    Weapon: Baseball Bat, 9mm Pistol

    Leader: King Courtney (not mentioned)

    Enemies: Forellis, Sindaccos

    Origin: Jamacian

    Gang Name: Yakuza

    Territory: Bellevile Park, Torrington, Aspatria, Liberty Campus, Pike Creek

    Weapon: 9mm Pistol

    Leader: Kazuki Kasen

    Enemies: Forellis

    Origin: Japanese

    Gang Name: Columbian Cartel

    Terriotry: Cedar Grove, Francis Int. Aiport

    Weapon: 9mm Pistol, Uzi

    Leader: Miguel

    Enemies: Leones

    Origin: Columbian

    Gang Name: Southside Hoods

    Territory: Witchita Gardens

    Weapon: 9mm Pistol, Uzi

    Leader: Unknown

    Enemies: Forellis

    Origin: African

    Gang Name: Sicilian Mafia

    Territory: Liberty City

    Weapon: Various

    Leader: Massimo Torini

    Enemies: Leones

    Origin: Italian

    Gang Name: Avenging Angels

    Territory: Liberty City

    Weapon: Various

    Leader: None

    Enemies: Car Jacking gangs, Biker gangs

    Origin: Various

  4. half of that shit is wrong

    One: Don't diss my topic. Post some better criticism instead of talking crap. If you can do better, make one yourself.

    Two: Don't bump old topics, especially when you have a reply like that.

    the things that are wrong are

    The Leones, Harwood is not one of there territory

    Sindaccos, Fort Satunton, Belleville Park and Newprt is not there territory they are only at war with forellis there

    Yardies only hang around in Newport

    A small part of Harwood near Capital Autos is where they can be seen. I'm not talking about near the Ferry Dock.

    Also, some parts of the city have shared turfs regardless of gangs "at war".

    I admit that there are some wrong parts in the guide that I've really played the game more since last year so I'll change that but don't bust out like that again.

    whatever man

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