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  1. the only thing back there in GTA LCS is clothes hanging across in GTA III you cant see back there In GTA SA i was able to get over the wall to the street but i fell right through the road i kept falling intil i hit what sounds like water and drowned my self In GTA SA it is not complete the only thing you can see is the saint mark's block nothing else

  2. This mainly just applies to GTA 3 and LCS since only a couple from Vice City and San Andreas shoot. I like the GTA series but the thing I can't stand is how some gangs shoot at you without even shooting at them first. I noticed that some gangs start shooting at you after you complete a certain amount of missions. I want to roam around with having to worry about gangs shooting me especially that one gang from GTA 3 who shoots at you with those shotguns. :bashhead:

    hey if your still finding out how to roam GTA III with out gang problem i know how go to D-Ice the payphone in Witchta Heights and answer it intil you get the mission "Rigged to Blow" were you have to go to Saint Mark's to a bomb dis armor after you disarmed the bomb leave the car some place were it will be safe and then you can roam the city without out gang problem including the Leone mafia turf no gang will shoot at you do to the mission. but if you die you have to start all over again.

  3. No. I got all this information from about 5 websites and i have passed the game about 4 times. So your wrong about the Ballas and regarding the Temple families and Seville blvd, i said exactly that, just in the form of The Seville Boulevard Families (controlling only a small area in south-east Los Santos) and the Temple Drive Families (located up north) have split from the Grove.

    And again. NO. San Fierro Rifa's main territory is Garcia.

    you know dude your info but im gonna put 4 things


    ROLLIN HEIGHTS control "Jefferson" and "Willow Field"

    Kilo Tray control "GLEN PARK"

    TEMPLE Dr Ballas took over temple after the mission "The Green Sabre"

    and i played it more and passed it more than you

  4. alright the Ballas part is wrong the Rollin Heights ballas control Jefferson, Front Yard Ballas control Idlwood and possibly Willow Field, Kilo Tray Ballas control Glen Park, and The Temple Drive Ballas are fighting the Temple Drive Families for Temple, I dont know what set controls Verona Beach.

    The Varrios Los Aztecas are lead by Cesar Vialpando and they are mostly based in El Corona

    Temple Drive Families Control TEMPLE

    Seville Blvd control PLAYA DEL SEVILLE

    San Fierro Rifa's Main Territory is Battery Point and the leader is T-Bone Mendez

  5. Diaz has a gang, but it's not been played in the game fully, he doesn't own any estates like other gangs would. So he wouldn't be on this guide. In Vice City, he has a gang and you can obviously kill them, but in Vice City Stories he doesn't have a gang because his role isn't that big.

    Also, Rashon, is it okay I can help too, I do have moderating rights on this forum, so is it okay if I help with this guide of yours? I could help out with the table codes.

    They can be seen in Ricardo Diaz's missions

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