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  1. lol On GTAForums, everyone kept complaining that GTA IV was boring with nothing to do, so in the "Build your own GTA" thread, I made the perfect GTA (obove) and.... everyone voted for this other piece of crap that was called "GTA Franklin Islands" and it had like, no features

    I was like, now this is one big fucked up forum. lol

  2. Here's my GTA from GTAForums - Build your own GTA thread

    GTA San Mantando



    - Freddy Kembleton (main player)

    - Jonah Kembleton (cuzin)

    - Gendy (friend)

    - Bob (Jonah's best friend)

    - Kary (Gendy's sister)


    (un inportant ones that play a lil role in the story)

    - Roman Bellic (yes....Freddy meats Roman in Hambleton after getting caught red handed killing Turk Harting)

    - Liam Charles

    - Hannah Montana

    - Niko Bellic

    - Candy XXX

    - Turk Harting

    - Phil Bell

    - Lance Vance

    - Packie

    - John Hunter

    - Kiki (hoe)

    - Gabriello Santamotti

    - Rado Redillio

    - Nicholas Frank

    - Nick Kang

    - Ilija Todomevski

    - Kent Paul

    - Lial Huts

    - Homer Simpson

    - Quello Sandino

    - Koskas Philoponos

    - Terry Guts

    - Jerry Nuts

    - Chris Alago

    - Carl Jonomo

    - Sharl Tay

    - Goerge Wellington

    - Aiden Pezzinami

    - and lots more


    In the year 2012, Freddy, Jonah and Gendy were living the dream in their Los Santos mansion in Vinewood.

    It all went wrong when an old friend called from Liberty City..!! His name was.....Niko Bellic. He blackmailed Freddy, Jonah and Gendy into bombing the US Bank Tower in Los Santos. It crashed to the floor and killed 4657 people.They were sent to 50 years in jail in Carcer City after there was no more room in the Los Santos jail. After three years in Jail....they were finally tired of it and decided to escape it.

    They escaped down to a state called San Mantando...!!

    So now its the year 2015 and all they have is one crammy old apartment that they found abandoned.

    Anything can happen in San Mantando as they try to become millionares....again.

    The state of San Mantando is based on no state. It was made up 100% out my brain.

    Here it is....

    It has 5 Cities and it has 23 small towns and 1 big town, a countryside, desert and snowy mountains.


    You start in the city of Las Bernattanica and have to fight your way up.

    here is the map....(the street maps of the cities arn't real....there are way more streets)


    There is a secret FBI base and the only way to get there is by plane...or go under the secret tunnel from the Army base.



    These people can be found doin all sorts of things. They mainly hang around Las Jernallica. Their colour is Orange.

    They wear Orange shoes, a white shirt that says LJ vs. LB, black track pants and some wear a green hat.


    The Ticans used to be part of the Gallas but as Las Jernallica separated from Las Bernattanica, so did these two flaming gangs. They are found in Las Bernattanica. Their colour is Blue. They wear blue jeans and a blue sweater.


    Yes.....its them. They were driven out of Los Santos in 1994 after CJ gave them the living hell.

    They moved to Las Venturas but lost $4 000 000 in gambling so moved to San Mantando.

    They hang around Las Bernattanica, Los Targos and some are in Coman City.

    They wear Beige Baggy pants, a black Adidas jacket and a Nike hat.

    The Wallos

    They started in Carcer City and came to San Anlominos. Thats where they hang out and they wear normal casual clothes. You cant figure out that its them untill they pull out a Pink AK-47. Thats the only way that you can find out its them.

    Some hang out in the Old Lanton and some even come to Los Targos.

    The Falenos[/color]

    These are the people that are found all around San Mantando.

    They wear a gray suit and carry a gray suite case.

    They have their own golden desert eagles. They are the only people that habve them.

    These are just some gangs. By the time you finish all the missions, there will be another 6 gangs that come together during the storyline.



    You start off here....after arriving with a small boat from Carcer City.

    Las Bernattanica was separated from Las Jernallica in 1999 when the Locals from the western half had a big fight with the locals in the Easterm side. In Las Bernattanica there are lots of big high rise Hotels and Buildings and is the number one tourism city in San Mantando. You do missions for people here and in LJ. The bridge from here to San Alnominos is getting repaired after an earthquake made a big crack in it.

    ***LOPAZ*** 2

    You come here in this little country town when you recieve a call from a guy called Liam Charles. He knows about your past so you do a lil bit of work for him in those lil country towns near Lopaz before kidnapping him back to Las Bernattanica and pushing him of a high rise building in the City.

    ***COMEN CITY***

    This is the coldest city in the whole state. There are many snow storms here but it is really fun to skii down Mount Jamalatica in the snow. You come here after being in too much trouble from murdering Liam Charles. This is a nice small city but very cold. You do work for a number of people here. Missions include stealing planes from Las Jenallica Airport and flying them to Comen City airport.


    This is the town that you move to after killing the biggest drug gang in Comen City. You do a number of missions for people here and the surrounding country towns.


    A big town full of crime. Now its your turn to kill Turk Harting when he arrives there. But first you have to do some missions in the surrounding towns for people.


    This is where you meet Roman. He is still clumsy. You do missions for him and other people in this town and the surrounding towns.

    ***LOS TARGOS***

    Full of casinos, restaurants, bars, night clubs and theme parks. There is a mission where you have to bomb a rollercoaster and kill all the kids. This city has the lowest crime. You come here to work for Candy XXX. She dies of aids eventually.


    You stop in this little town for gas....but then as you go inside and pay...your car explodes. Someone put a bomb. You must fund out who it was and kill them. You do missions for ppl in this town and the surrounding towns.

    ****SAN ALNOMINOS****

    You have finally found Niko Bellic. He came here for a holiday. You must kill him after he put you in through all this trouble.

    After that you end up with a big mansion on top of one of the desert dunes. From your window you can see the whole San Alnominos.


    - all previous features & vehicles from gta3, VC, SA, LCS, VCS and IV.

    - parachutes

    - flying

    - eating

    - swimming

    - diving

    - buyable property

    - customizable cars

    - internet cafe

    - jetpack

    - you can now skii down mount Jamalatica.....fun fun fun

    - speedometer

    - you can buy anything from the shops eg. mobiles, food, computers, guns, clothing, etc

    - a new vehicle is the Jet Skii...

    - you can rob banks...stores...houses

    - you can build & customize your character

    - if you have the money then you can build your own house

    - you can even build your own 500m office building in the city

    - there is a total of 1250 vehicles

    - there is a mission which involves flying to Los Santos ans Carcer City

    - you can enter ALL buildings

    - sharks can eat you in the ocean

    - you can crash planes into buildings

    - - businessmen riding to work on there bicycle's that we could ram into buildings and smash them with their suitcases

    - be able to do things to the enviroment like chainsaw down trees to create a roadblock or hang on branches to snap them off and whack people with it

    - be able to pick up stuff like bricks to smash windows and climn in houses to rob stuff

    - pick up plastic bags to strangle people

    - see other drivers have car crashes like accidently bumping onto them at traffic lights and getting out to exchange details

    - more weather- it would be cool to have Snow, and maybe a tornado like once every 2 months game time or something and earthquakes or hurricanes

    - trees and power lines can fall down and electricute people in storms

    - you can be able to pick up things and throw at people..like that state of emergency game..

    just there can be rocks you can pick up and throw at people..and they turn around and get pissed off at you..

    - hide behind things from the cops and they cant find you..

    - all 4 seasons and weathers

    - KIDS

    - Kids take a bus to school

    - you can make babies with gf's

    - ill add more when i can think of them..



    - Binco

    - Sub Urban

    - Dider Satches

    - ZIP

    - Victim

    - pro laps

    - Persues

    - Modo

    - Hambra

    - Jenal

    - Myer

    - David Jones

    - Target

    - Kmart

    - BIG W

    - Wallmart

    - T mart

    ***FOOD SHOPS***

    - Woolworths

    - Coles

    - Action

    - 24/7

    - Cluckin' Bell

    - McFonnals

    - Burger Lot

    - Pizza Vut

    - Blue Hooster

    - Fub Vay

    - Jiggles

    ***PHONE SHOPS***

    - Allphones

    - Crazy Johns

    - Optus store, Telstra store, Vodafone store, Boost store, Virgin store, Cranky store, T-mobile store

    ***WEAPON SHOPS***

    - Ammu-nation

    - Widon De Ammu

    - Knife shop

    - Dambreno

    - Samo Pistoli


    - Tang cars

    - Karin (dilletante, Intruder etc.)

    - Classique (stallion etc.)

    - Speedogenter (fast cars)


    SLOT 1

    - fist

    - brass knuckles

    - death ring (shart pointy ring)

    - ninja death stars

    SLOT 2

    - baseball bat

    - nightstick


    -pool cue

    - shovel

    - knife

    - katana

    - chainsaw

    - screw driver

    - hammer

    - meat cleaver

    - machete

    - sharp pencil

    - hand axe

    - chisel

    - hockey stick


    SLOT 3

    - grenades

    - tear gas

    - Molotov cocktales

    - satchel charge

    SLOT 5

    - colt .45

    - desert eagle

    - silenced colt .45

    - Colt Python

    - .357

    SLOT 6

    - tec-9

    - uzi

    - uzi 9mm

    - ingram mac 10

    - mp5

    - mp10

    - ak-74u

    - p90

    - AK-59

    SLOT 7

    - shotgun

    - sawn off shot gun

    - spas 10

    - spas 12

    - stubby shotgun

    SLOT 8

    - ruger

    - ak- 47

    - m4

    - m16

    SOT 9

    - machine gun

    - machine gun that shoots 300 bullets at once

    - m60e4

    - bazooka

    - heat detective bazooka

    - m 60

    - flame thrower

    - chain gun bazooka

    SLOT 10

    - rifle

    - sniper rifle

    - laser sniper rifle

    - machine sniper rifle

    SLOT 11

    - spray can

    - camera

    - video camera

    - fire extinquisher

    - parachute

    - night vision goggles

    - thermanal goggles

    - remote detonater

    - nuclear missile detonator

    SLOT 12

    - flowers

    - dildo 1

    - dildo 2

    - vibrator 1

    - vibrator 2

    - cane

    - roling pin


    - Crash FM - Techno

    - Holla FM - Hawian Music

    - Jaberone 95.7 - R&B

    - Lova 99.3 - Blues

    - Collic FM - Dance

    - Mollic FM - Disco

    - Vice FM - 80's music

    - Rappad 104.5 - Rap

    - Hodol FM - House

    - Las Bernattanica Galla - Fusion (only reception in Las Bernattica)

    - Yokel 88.4 - Country music (only reception in coountryside)

    - Lilo Filo FM - Hip-Hop

    - Comen City Jazzin FM - Jazz (only reception in Comen City)

    - San Alnamminos Rippanga - Retro (only reception in San Alnominos)

    - Los Tangos Hambrerro - Trance (only receprion in Los Tangos and the city in Las Jernallica)

    - Muavela FM - Spanish

    - Sada Na Jugo - Yugoslavian Music (serbian, macaedonian, croatian, bosnian etc.)

    - Selally - trip-hop


    This is the Centre of the city in Los Targos..!!


  3. I... only found out today.... out of all the time i've had VC, I only found out TODAY, that


    I always wondered why

    they had pizza shops, but you couldn't get food from them, coz everytime I go there, my health is full

    so I never knew

    wow :rolleyes:

  4. Hey steam

    Грците кога ја земеја Егејската Македонија, сите што имаја куќа или фарма или некоја земја нешто тамо, грците му ги украдија

    Мојот дедо имаше голема фарма во едно село до Лерин.

    И некој ми кажа дека сега Грците требат да му платат милиони на тие што имаја земја

    Значи, ќе требат да ни платат.

    Кога ќе ни платат? Мајками ми кажваше нешто за 2012- 2013

  5. Which year would it be?

    For me it would be 2007

    2007 because it was just the best year ever

    - I got a PS3

    - I got San Andreas (lol)

    - I got Vice City ... and LCS and VCS to complete the set

    - I didn't have to think about h/w and assignments, year 8 was so easy

    - I got into shooting games

    - All my friends were together in a group... 2008 fucked them up, all separated

    - @ School we used to hang around in a lil "Prayer Garden" where there's a pond with fish, it was our Grove Street, but now they're building a new 3 storey building there, even though we have enough. (Bah stupid 2008 ruined everything)

    - Like I made a thread for some time ago, about this girl that changed

    - I joined GTAF and TGTAP

    hmm, there were lots of those little things that happened

    What bout you?

  6. Mine is when I saw my Religious Education teacher... on a porn site!


    Like, you know in movies how when something happens, the people just stop and stare of shock?

    Well, I thought that you don't actually just stop, look, and stare in shock when you find something shocking... but boy it actually happens.

    My eye balls popped outta my sockets

  7. lol Rappo, that wasnt Old Church Slavonic, it was Macedonian, but Old Church Slavonic was Macedonian anyway. I just used that alphabet, coz it looks better.

    And Chris... yes I did type all that out

    you n00b

    Like steam said about the Regional Language Options. The Macedonian one is phonetic, so when you press D, the D comes up (Д)

    But I used the Bulgarian one to get й я ь ъ ю. The Bulgarian one is phonetic too. And I had ы ѥ ѩ ѧ ѣ in copy so when I need them I just paste it


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