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  1. Hey Steam

    Далы Македонский бѣше първиотъ языкъ що бѣше словѣнський? Или бѣше Българский? И ные сме Македонций или Българций? Защо Българци-те велатъ дѣка ные сме Българций и Македония ѥ Българска? И Кѷриллъ и Меѳодїи бея Македонций? Или Българский? или Гьрцкий? Защо има многу пропаганда за Македония денесъ? И защо сыте Македонский докумѣнты одъ предъ сто годины се въ Българский? Има нѣкои въ Македонский? Защото, ясъ почнавъ малко да си мысламъ дѣка ные сме Българий. Ако има докумѣнты въ Македонский одъ предъ сто годины, моламъ те, кажы мы ги. За да знамъ. Ясъ пишамъ по-старо Църковно Словѣнський защото по-уваво ѥ

    хаха лол

  2. I was banned on GTAF coz me and some Bulgarian had a debate about Macedonia in some thread, so I was temp banned for 3 days (also for posting random off topic things) So then I made a new account jOkEr_xD and started using that.... and I continued the debate with that account so then I was banned on both accounts.

    Ever since then I've been coming back like once a month, and sometimes I get banned on the first day, sometimes It lasts a month lol.

  3. It's not even funny, it's just you being a smart arse after you got ripped.

    I suggest you remove whatever you called me in that language too.

    EDIT: Actually no, here we go: "Чай пиещо говедо".

    Just so everyone can see yano, incase you decide to remove it.

    I wanna know what it is? Anyone PM me?

    My mum uses the word говедо when she's getting me in trouble, I don't know the word in english, but it's not a good word lol.

    ^ the shape of Flint County-Back 'o' Beyond resembles a woman sucking a dick. lol

    Connor: Consult Undercover or rappo.

    And LOL

  4. I've been banned from GTAForums three times :P

    First time was for registering to advertise in 2003 or something

    Second time was reregistering sometime in 2005

    Third time was, I assume, also for reregistering in 2008

    LOL If you put it that way then I've been banned 100000 tiimes on GTAF

    Here are all my accounts that I remember, but there are probably more lol:









    xXx-KILLA-xXx (really good username lol)






    hmm.... I think there were more

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