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  1. How do you convert a .ckf file to mp3 or wav, or even .midi

    and, I have a USB MIDI Interface cable and its plugged into my keyboard, so how can i record the music from it to my computer?

    I have the software CD but it sais its not compatible with Vista

  2. Hey Steam, is half the population of Macedonia muslim? Coz this stupid retard on PS3 called flooda said that 50% of Macedonia is Muslim, and I was like,

    wtf it cant be, so, is it? Coz, what a disgrace if it is, I thought they were all Orthodox

    It's true, after the first Muslims came in after the war, Macedonians moved from Macedonia to Australia and England.

    Although their kids get beaten up in school by us.

    that is fucked up

    fuck, I'm now ashamed to call myself Macedonian, Seriously

    Fucking Muslims

  3. How ever many times you say it or wish it to be true, first there was Greece and then Macedonia became a kingdom within Greece. Therefore Macedonia = Greek. It may be its own country now, but you can't just completely ignore your heritage like that considering how much you go on about it. Also, probably Macedonia's greatest individual was Alexander the Great, or Alexander the III of Macedon. Which according to wikipedia "was an ancient Greek King (basileus) of Macedon (336–323 BC)".

    You obviously don't know much about Catholicism if you believe that. Firstly, there is but ONE Pope at a time, not Popes. Yes they aren't allowed to marry, because they have devoted their lives to the teaching of God. It's not a matter of, "well, I can't have a wife so I'm going to find a young boy and thrust my Holy manhood into him."

    It's Priest's who do this and those who do are in the very vast minority. I can't remember the last time, if any, where I heard an Aussie Priest raping young boys. There may very well be, but I'm saying I can't recall. You usually hear that shit happening in the US or Europe as Slyde said.

    I agree that Christmas has become so materialized that so many people nowadays don't even know what the whole meaning behind it is. I bet if I asked some of the kids I coach today at work what Christmas is really about, they would have no idea :P

    Actually, there was no Greece 2000 years ago.

    There were little kingdoms like Sparta, Illyria, Thrace, Macedonia, Epirus, Achaia they were their own culture.

    So, if all those ancient Kingdoms are what you call "Greek", Then so is Ancient Rome, Persia, and everything else that's ancient.

    And it has been DNA Proven in Austria that the Macedonians of today are descents of the Ancient Macedonians.


    Ya know what's funny?

    I go to a chatholic school, and in Religious Education, they say that God created the earth. But in Science , they say the big bang created the earth haha lol :lolbounce:

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