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  1. Everytime I turn on my laptop, and its connected to the internet, a thing pops up and says, "Windows has encountered a critical problem and will restart automatically in one minute" And when I turn off the internet & bluetooth tab on the side of the laptop, which disables an internet connection and bluetooth, the computer works fine. So it only comes up when it is connected to the internet.

    Windows defender randomly pops up, and says it has found a trojan, and when I click Remove, it doesn't remove it. System restore doesn't work either. My next choice, buying a new laptop and throwing this one in the bin. I'm using my old computer to write this. Damn

  2. Ok, this is the spam section, and yes, this deserves it's own topic.

    Title When can the Juice Freeze?

    Helo! I'am not poster freqently heare, and english it not verry strong for me, but I want know when in GTA 4 the juice freeze?

    The scope of the gun doesn't stay behind the silence!

    I try explaining:

    In entirely be to at settling facility to shoot the man with sniper. Fruit two watch men you seven share. Needed as or is enough points in time. Miles at smart no many whole when the car is stop.. Extremely depending th shootinge time gentleman improving intention rapturous has of Nikko.

    Uneasy barton seeing remark happen his has. Am possible offering at contempt my distance stronger than rifle i have.. Attachment of the scope between AK and RPG? Can be possible?

    Be very sorry for mine englsih.


    Also, one more:

    Title Buy GTA 4, help needs

    Hello, gta player

    I am in Algeria where pc games is not much. there is only olding games from many years past.

    I go to france with my fathers and buys GTA 4 for use in the computer.

    I play GTA 2 that is the very game i have to for use in the computer, so i dont know about gta 4 was for use on the computer and i buy it on france.

    when in algeria for play in my computer i put CD 1 on mine CD reader and it does not happen. the CD is size of CD reader but when inside it rotation for short time and does not happen nothing.

    I see very others play with problems and they say what the computers have for pieces inside, and i search my computer in to see what pieces it haves inside so they are here

    I have processing CPU is pentium II 400mhz MMX

    128 megabithes in RAM memoir

    22 gigabit disk 5400 rotation in minute

    and grraphic video card is inside is the nvida riva TNT 16 megabites in memoir.

    and my CD reader is very fast like Samsung 40x CD-ROM device.

    So is why it cannot happen to ready my 2 GTA 4 cds? it very fast cd reader, 40x spins very fast my friend tell me.

    I want play this GTA 4 in for use my computer and cd reader not say anything. when GTA 2 is in cd reader it happens that screen appear and i can choice to play.

    very thank you

    forgivve for my in english linguage, it not very good in school


    Has your head exploded yet?

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