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  1. 11:15 AM great britain time lol

  2. im glad u didnt take it seriously :)

  3. print screen then cropped it on paint

  4. what do u mean, i thought you just typed in like 'stujid ps3 fanboy' and it corrests you as 'stupid ps3 fanboy' then type husky in the bar and after the correction has come up

  5. dont see gow, its only a pic of niko and dark, it ent revealing any story

  6. kool, when i can be botheres to get my ass around making 1 or recovering my old 1, ill add you

  7. kool, when i do get round to making an account ill add ya, whats ya user?

  8. nah, i was thinking of creating one tho

  9. yeah, ima go on youtube, I could do with some GTA4 death montages, im real bored

  10. nm, lookin through some topics in the lounge you?

  11. OMG, i just noticed we have the same Bday

    23/06/93 rules :)

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