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    What are you listening to right now?

    green day-longveiw
  2. chopper123

    What are you listening to right now?

    green day-good riddance
  3. chopper123

    GTA4 Mission ideas

    a nuke is heading at city.you have 2.00 minutes before it hits.you have to take a hydra up to shoot the nuke down.you only have 2 missels so if you miss...ohwell.half the city will be distroyd stoping you from going certain places.if you succed the president comes up and gives you 1.000.000 dollars.
  4. chopper123

    Introduce Yourself..

  5. chopper123

    want to know where at400 is

    we all know where it is.
  6. chopper123


    the ability to blow buildings up.
  7. chopper123

    Name of the next City

    what do you mean by unknown?
  8. when i parachute out of a plane and my guy gets stuck standing up.
  9. chopper123

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    the foot thing and the portapottie thing,isent gonna happen.the hippies,if there in the game i guess you can shoot them.
  10. chopper123

    wanted cars in GTA3?

    i cant find the crane.
  11. chopper123

    Three Word Story

    gta vice city... lol
  12. chopper123

    Three Word Story

  13. chopper123

    Glitchs/Easter eggs

    madd-dogg talks like an old grandma.
  14. chopper123

    Donald love VS Darkel

    i dont think anyone knows.
  15. chopper123

    How good is The GTA Place?

  16. chopper123

    Glitchs/Easter eggs

    madd-dogg will be banned.
  17. chopper123

    Donald love VS Darkel

    there should be shootout between donald and darkel.pick who you want to be.then shoot the other guy.the winner gives you the missions.
  18. chopper123

    Glitchs/Easter eggs

    a bigfoot costume,to run around and scare the shit out of people.
  19. chopper123

    100% Complete ?!

    do you have to do zeros missions?
  20. chopper123

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    make your own airplane.
  21. chopper123

    How good is The GTA Place?

    this is good place.
  22. chopper123

    Three Word Story

    to tommys house...
  23. chopper123

    Deleted Things from SA

    i wanted a in game dog.to attack other people.
  24. chopper123

    FBI truck and bus

    neither could i. :'(