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  1. might change my display name to 'Sudonim McFakename

  2. TNF

    Yeah, my post count is surprising when you look at my join date, most of all these my posts were in the trivia topics.

  3. Thanks mate, and yeah, I might re-join soon. Hope to see you on msn every now and then.:)

  4. Hey dude, I was busy, school stuff. But I'll be around more now.

  5. TNF

    Happy Bday!

  6. TNF

    Happy bday!

  7. aw, teh super personal photo man was cool.

  8. What happened to the awesome personal photo?

  9. Happy Birthday!

  10. TNF

    you got msn?

  11. TNF

    Happy Birthday!

  12. TNF

    not much, I'm up for trvia anytime:D

  13. Happy Birthday!

  14. TNF

    Thanks you for the Happy Birthday:)

  15. nm, I'll be around later, tell me how it is.:D

  16. Alright. how you been?

  17. TNF

    Happy birthday!

  18. The avatar made me laugh.:D

  19. TNF

    Happy birthday!

  20. TNF

    Sweet sig!

  21. Happy Birthday!

  22. I know, It's cool.

  23. Nice leaderboard. Props to you. How are things?

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