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    Three Word Story

    Hazer had threesomes (with frida& girlycard)
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    I know they will have it ,I have a friend that works at a game store he is 17 he is not gonna go to school that day so he can put GTAIV on the shelves he tells me stuff about GTAIV like the screenshots he told me there where new ones(not now but the ones i said OMFG NEW SCREESNHOTS) he also said that Niko will stumble over stuff (we know this already but) he told me like 2 days before they announced that I ask him questions about the game all the time, any one want me to give your questions to him he doesnt know all about it he KNOWS ALOT ABOUT GTAIV THOW his boss told him or something he wont tell me much because he said it will ruin the game for me.He migth give me a discount when i buy GTAIV.
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    I got money for the game i also migth play sick that day and have one of my friends drive over to gamestop.
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    getting FAT and EXERCISING

    So basically if the game were as realistic as people say, then Niko should be able to brush his teeth, use the bathroom, and that crap. Rockstar wants the game to be realistic but not as realistic as possible. It's only a game. r* said Niko can fart i guess they had to put one stupid thing in there.
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    Linked ? SA IV

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    Three Word Story

    slowly with girlycard
  7. Well seeing as we are the last to get info im starting to make special GTAIV news annoucements.I have the lastest news some may not of heard about I will begin. Dan Houser vice president of Rockstar Games and co-writer of GTAIV ,recently preveiwed the game to the Associated press in New York City with a long demo lasting ninety minutes.As alot of you may know,the Assicated Press (a.k.a.AP)is a news agency from which other publications can buy there articles.The Boston Herald published an article which is either a written or original version from the AP.It is very brief and doesnt really go over all the ninety minute demo,but non the less Houser did point out very interesting points from his demo he showed. .Houser talks about a mission he calls his favorite,where you assinate a man laid up in the hospital.How you do this is up to you,be it you quietly sneak in through the window or just come through the door and spraying him with a AK-74 .We are giving the players choices without ramming it down there throats,said Houser.They even have a choice at the key moment in the whole story.I dont want to go to much into detail,but I think puting the game into the hands of the player is very fun. .It is also revealed that there are over 100-in game websites. For the scuffy man in GTAIV this includes blowing up stuff,drunk driving,meeting someone online(maybe girls),going on a date,hailing a cab,listening to the radio,killing innocent bystanders,pastronizing strip clubs,flying helicopters,earing cash for criminal activity,running from police and of course,hijacking ALOT of cars. Niko is a thugish european immagrant,who has already became an iconic figure to the millions of viewers who have spied the mature action-driving game's trailer already over 40million times online.Many have jamed blogs and messag boards like GTA4.Net with specualtion about the games plot,characters,locales and gameplay."We want people to be really excited and not know everything by the time they play GTAIV of course,we still want them to understand what they are buying,but we want them to be suprised" Travel from the dark streets of Liberty City to the glamoris Statue Of Liberty(happyness)and coney island and Time Square. I hope you enjoyed my news If i ever see news we dont have I will make the news.
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    Three Word Story

    fucker then Hazer
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    555-we tip

    Thats rigth Niko can now tip off cops in the game as seen in SA the mission we tip.It is accessible in the game (by computer)to tip them off you have to type in the address [email protected] ,Which im guessing will be feature you migth use in a mission.It hasnt been comfirmed by Rockstar if we will get any money for this.So im guessing there will be drug dealers in the city you will see more than once and I guess you will report them,or maybe if some one is robbing a bank you can tip the cops off.This will pop up if you contact the policehttp://pnmedia.gamespy.com/planetgta.This info is from http://planetgta.com
  10. asshole trick you lied flip off.

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    Three Word Story

    Cause he worked
  12. eh look at the soldier chat i gave like thirty ideas

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    Three Word Story

    was taken by

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    OWN ME

    yep COME in realease all your rage that i have given you on me come on who is first.
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    Internet Dating?

    I think you are the horny preteen virgin boy you will you soon get your cherry pooped but not by me.So shutup please i want GTAIV to be fun and dating is fun hopefully r* will make it better and im not a virgin you ass.If you dont like the fact that you can date then dont do it and thats your opinion and mosly everyone likes the dating thing dating in SA wasnt horrible it was the woman and there lifestlye and the fact you couldnt do anything. Dating on a video game is, in fact, pretty lame. Dating in REAL LIFE is fun.... Dating on a video game, is not. Also, I'd advise you to refrain from calling me an ass. No where did I direct my comment directly at you. cause you called me horny preteen boy
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    Three Word Story

    Its alrigth Hazer had GTAIV(IN HIS POCKET)
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    Ban the person on top of you

    Banned for letting arucard drink your blood
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    Three Word Story

    bit his penis (which was small)
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    Ban the person on top of you

    banned for being 13.
  21. lame you imature 13 yearold cant believe we have kids on here.

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    Three Word Story

    F you pissing me off if your trying to be funny its not ,stole the cool brain lame wtf is a hazer dog anyway back on track:who bit raymond.
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    giant bubble

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