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    Sexual Preference

    10% + 85% = 95%... what about the other 5? I'm sure gays will do what they want, and what they do will not be governed by what people think of them. If they were so worried about that, they wouldn't have come out in the first place, probably just kept their sexuality a secret. the other 5% is me becoming a bisexual.
  2. Hazer


    Dont worry everybody I am gonna do alot better this time you can count on that and i love you all (not in a gay way)and im done with homophobic insults.
  3. Hazer

    Sexual Preference

    thougth about it and i guess gays are just turned on by men cock go ahead and suck what you want with pleasure ,just use a condom also you made a good point gerrad and if i was fucked by a hot man there is 10% chance i will be turned on and gay the other 85% is i will be disgusted and tramatized for the rest of my life.You can do what you want and do what ever turns you on.
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    No only a too little offended im a good person and member just you wait and see.
  5. Hazer

    ufo & bigfoot

    I beleve in it all even ghosts, every friday i watch the travel channel cause they talk about ufo, ghosts, and bigfoot.I know some dont beleve in gohsts and stuff like that but seriously what does it take to prove it to you they have area 51 for pete sake.The goverment is doing something behind there and there alot of rumors and story behind that place.But do any of you believe in ghosts any "paranormal feelings or sigthing",ever went bigfoot searching anything discuss.
  6. Hazer

    GTA 4 demo

    your rigth L cause if you buy a demo there gonna be mad and less hyped when the real game comes out why would there need to be a demo all i want is a 4th trailer.
  7. Hazer

    ufo & bigfoot

    Um can we lock this please i can see no one likes this topic.
  8. Hazer

    What are you

    Im looking forward to hanging with friends and climbing poles and the new wanted system and girlfreinds see if you can marry them.Im kinda bummed that there is no snow but there will be other stuff that i will like oh and im looking forward to myths like bigfoot and new guns and cars,so what are you looking forward to?
  9. Hazer

    What are you

    NO im leaving it the same.
  10. Hazer

    What are you

    I like how you just bashed everything i said you will need to climb poles otherwise it wouldnt be in the game
  11. Hazer

    Engine noises

    not better than me give me a ngr-900 and im gone.
  12. Hazer


    make up GTAIV stories like write a fake story.
  13. Hazer

    GTA IV Release date announced!

    what about there chicken sandwhiches yeah if i have to camp out with my friend for the game i will im gona hide cause im not about to die remeber when the xbox360 cameout someone got killed cause the guy wanted the 360.
  14. someone should ligth his ass on fire and watch with amazment.
  15. Hazer

    Introduce Yourself..

    hey cool im stoked about that date it gives me time to get the money.