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  1. Mission Name:-Death from Above

    Target: First get a hunter,fly down the cuban ediots base and take down the attackin' cubans!! After that cubans send out sea sparrows,take them out too!! Then from nowhere and RPG hits you and you bail out and parachute all way down to cuban base!! There you go with a final fight to finish with cuban ganglord HAZER. :lolbounce:

    Reward:-900000$,Hunter unlocked,You can now take missions from Ballas leader Lou park!! :lolbounce: ,Minigun,RPG is always available in HAZER'S Place. :worship:

    Hey Hazer if you feel bad for using your name there,I'm extremely sorry!! But i know you won't mind!! ;)

    No not at all It was good i like being apart of the story,maybe i should go to my place and steal my own rpg

    :lolbounce: but the mission has to be about Niko.

  2. How about Grand Theft Auto: Disney Princess Edition? Play as one of them, jack a carriage, and do some horseback drive-by shootings with an MP5 or a TEC 9... Over 50 insane jumps, a more aggressive police force, and the RAGE engine... How's that for a game?
    thats good and have the cops be donald duck the mansion would be the disyney castle.

  3. OK, so we all know that Grand Theft Auto's one of the most-parodied games, so do you guys have some crazy or unlikely ideas for a GTA game, like a GTA game set in the Sahara, or even a game based on a children's book or cartoon? No racist/insulting jokes, please...
    I got one CJ is cop and he walks down the street and he sees big bird in the dukes with Niko sucking a old lemon while roman sucks a dogs utters.

  4. That show is incredibly stupid. As long as you can manage to remain calm while answering the question then you have nothing to worry about.

    Smoke a J before the show and you're set.

    Whats smoking gonna do?that show is immoral but i like it how people get nervouse just stay calm and they can lie if they think about it or act strang it will detect someones lieing.

  5. What would be the ideal mission for you make up the mission name ,make the plot wat would Niko have to do to complete the mission.I like how we are gonna have more enteresting mission with more complacation.

  6. It's confirmed that nobody will be returning from previous GTA games...

    It does annoy me when people outright refuse to believe stuff that's confirmed.

    Regardless, he does resemble tommy a little, and could, in the true R* fashion, be a parody or satire of him.

    They said virtually nobody, that means one or two people could show up, but not to play a large role in the game, just like Claude in San Andreas. Eat your words Badge Boy. :lolbounce:

    LOL :lolbounce: But you guys that say its not tommy are just saying that cause it looks nothing like him in SA claude didnt looklike the him,and this is a whole new step for :R*N: so of course he is not gonna look the same besides he isnt exactly what you called young back in VC he looked like he was 50 cause he already been to jaile for 15 years so i would imagine him looking kinda ruged.But just because :R*: said that there are virtually no returning characters doesnt mean there wont be any ,like R* could have lied so we wouldnt be all OMG returning characters i bet claude no CJ or maybe sweet.I think they said this so there wont be any contriversy or any unneeded exciment.

  7. BUMP! Sorry for bumping, but I must say that this game really rocks! I love Theory of a dead man, especially the Santa Monica song ... Well it took me 'bout a week to complete it, and everytime I entered the game I had a great feeling, it's such a great game, lots of adrenaline and action sequences ... I hated the missions where you play as young Lukas ... It has a great replayability value which is very good ... I really felt like I was the main character ( I enjoyed the most the "sims" like missions in which you have to feed/bathe/entertain your hero. It's on my Top 5 Fav. Games List ...
    Young Lucas sucked,I remeber when they knuck out a got caugth and Markus said if we get caugth again there gonna beat our butts.I loved how Markus could be killed,but Niko looked like a jay when he was a fugitive he looked really cooled when he died,I also love how if he mental state got to 0 he would say thats the end of my story I have seen every possible out come of the game it real cool.

  8. I need to pre-order it from GAME first, just need some money. Hazer, don't flame in these forums, just PM him or something. Here's a better idea: Ignore him... <_<
    SHUTUP.Who are you,your always telling me what to do all you do is be like eh dont do that,and the guy above you just sAID that.

  9. Actually there are 2 members in this gang. You and Raymond, looks like Hazer & The cool didn't bother to apply to this gang.
    dam i thought hazer and cool applyed

    I tryed to apply but it wouldnt let me.But im a don so im the don of the gang.

  10. Well me and my friends are gonna have a party nothing big just like 5 of us playing old GTA games chating and checking the lastest news.Eat something like wings and soda and then when its close to count down we are gonna say 5 4 3 2 1 GTAIV RELEASE and just have a great time put up some old GTA posters and remeber the good times we has with the old GTA games, and then go by GTAIV the next day.What are you guys doing.

    Your a bit sad aren't you.

    Tbh it will just be another day, il probably get it on the weekend in the week it comes out.

    Man shutup leave me alone faggot stop posting if you dont like my topics i go somewhere you rant like a little bitch,dame go away.I can do what i want you cant stop me your a bit sad arnt you.

  11. You have a point that he looks like Tommy, but the chances are it might not be him. They could of probably used the same face, but altered the face a little and made the guy look old, so he could be a completely different man.

    Nice find though, it does seem interesting enough, but we can't be sure that Tommy Vercetti will be in GTA IV.

    Yeah the chances are slim but come on that does look alot like tommy and I dont think Rockstar would have changed the face just to make another character,and the attiude that guy has reminds be off tommy.

  12. Well, he was in his 30's in Vice City, so he'd be around 50 now. It's possible I guess, but it doesn't look like him at all.
    Well lets see 40 years from now gerards not gonna looks like he does now and besides tommy didnt exactly take care of him self and i dont think he uses anti-aging creaming,besides Why wouldnt tommy come back to Liberty I mean it is his home after all.

  13. well if you look at the GTAIV 3 trailer and pause at 1:38 of the trailer you see a guy yelling at Niko GTAIV screenshot 70 I know the voice is a bit off but the hair looks like tommys the nose is a bit bigger the clothes looks like something he would wear the head is shaped like tommy the guy looks about 68 back in 1986 tommy looked about 50 or 40 so i guess 21 years tommy would look alot different.So do you think thats tommy.


  14. You know thAT SHOW WERE people have to answer questions truthful and the questions are personnal,i forgot the name of the show do you think that show is going to far by asking people have you ever touched a female co-worker inapropritely cause that show seems to make everyone hate each other im sure there are gonna be divorces over that show or maybe they will get sued or something whats your veiw on that show do you think its wrong to ask people those kinds of questions.Some know what show im talking about those who do know what im talking about reply.