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  1. Do you think that there will be a fourth trailer,and what do you wanna see in the fourth trailer.I wanna see it like a movie again ut it shows more weapons and stuff.

    Sorta yes, i do wanna see more weapons, just not the bad ass ones, AKA Bazooka, Sniper, i wanna see some melee weapons like knives, bats, and other little shitz that kill you :P

    box knifes are gonna be in there game.

  2. Dudes, you guys should get girlfriends...........

    I would like a girlfriend that thinks like I do :D

    "Ow! That hurts." Frida said.

    "Sorry, I had to do it!" Girlycard giggled.

    Frida unzipped Girlycard's trousers and pulled down, leaving her underwear exposed, the girls kept taking each others clothes off until they were completely naked except for their footwear.

    Frida laid down on the pile of coats with Girlycard on top.

    uh yeah more.

  3. No. It's the fact that you

    1. Make pointless topics

    2. Spam

    3. Are a complete douche

    Noru has even said he will never accept you into LCF. So please never post in this topic again.


    1.If i spam then why not report it duh instead of spamming more

    2.Noru shoudlnt tell me to improve if he was never gonna except me

    3.get a life

    and4. why are you even calling me a douche its not that serious i dont even know you nor do i say anything to you.

    and Noru just F you big time.there are other gangs i can join.

  4. Hazer, you will never make it into LCF. Final
    Man im getting a restraining order put on your ass everywhere i go you post DAME get off my jock please all up on my case Hazer this Hazer that i know im sexy but leave me alone im not intersted dame haters everywhere we go.

  5. Are you some goddamn retard?

    Gerard Just told you to go to the other topic and that this topic is useless and yet you continue to post in it.


    But he didnt lock it so i can contiue and i think your retarded if it makes you feel better i heard you can get a job as gimp down the street they said 100 dollars in advance and you get the 1 & 2 lessons free GIMP.

  6. i like ur topic about the side missions just not getting marryed lol

    if u were a gangster (say this was real life) and u only had murdering on your mind would u like a family ? who u would probably murder anyway :P

    god point but id be very secretive about that they be like this daddy can you take me to school and why is there blood on your shirt.um um um hu um i i i i spilled

    red wine on it and i cant take you to school.Why not.um i work late.You dont have a job.yes i do..No you dont.um hu.whats the name.um alrigth i gotta go bang some stripers go rob a bank blow up 2 CARS go by some guns and go kill some guy named fat back.OH.yeah OH.