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  1. well im gonna get it then im gonna get the feel of the game as i have no experiance on a 360 ( more of a playstation man myself)

    then im gonan free roam see what there is to do then do some missions stop doing missions when im bored then sit and just generaly get bored like i do with them all :)

    I dont like you :angry:

  2. lol going a bit deap on this oone are u not. i dont want to marry someone only very weird people get marryed and do missions which include running around killing hunders of people lol woudnt be a very good idea actually ratehr pointless getting marryed
    How is that pointless if you dont like my topic dont reply.

  3. The Kanker Sisters are horrible and disgusting :wacko:

    Leave the Eds alone you cretins :angry:

    YEAH THEY KEEP ON RAPING Eddy in the courtyard everyday,and i want some more stories about girly.

    here is my story

    two hot 16 year olds in the a hotub,one named wendy other named vig,Vig feeling horny decied to lip lock with wendy,wendy soon gave in there lips were warm they soon got even hornyier taking slower kissess then vig stuck her soft hands up in Wendys mouth Wendy sucked it slow,Vig then pulled her towel off then followed by Wendy there breasts touching each other Vig sucked Wendys.WENDY THEN MOANED ahh,harder sexy baby.Vig then went down to Wendy pussy and licked around the edges.Then they got out the hotub and into the bedroom Vig then scissored Wendys pussy humping harder and harder,UNTIL wendy decied to to ge up rub her soft and gently pussy in VIG face Vig then licked the pussy her toung nice and a warm and Wendy told Vig to get on her belly Wendy grabbed Vig ass and licked nice and slow then wendy decied to put her but on VIGS BUT she then looked under and stuck her finger up vigs warm anal cavity Vig moaned ah,ah,ooh that turns me on Vig then moved and put her pussy on Wendys butt and said Nice feeling you give she then climaxed all over Vig then Vig climaxed on Wendy they then decided to go to sleep Vig resting in Wendys breasts and Wedy holding Vig ass.

    Nice story hu,

  4. Do you think girlfriends we have there on peronsanility like wanna go places or go to that roller coaster in GTAIV.Ihope girlfriends will be very random and i hope we can marry them or better yet maybe date a girlfriend that has like a 16 yearold son you have to drive him somewhere that would be cool,and if we try murdering them do you think it will take forever to kill them like n SA.Im not going to kill them unless they are annoying and i hope there will be a russian girl ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow i got i got,waht if R* added a girl form Niko homeland that he liked and then he does side mission with her then he proposes then there is a mission where he has to drive to wedding in a limo but some thugs try to stop him by shooting so Niko does a drive-by and he has to wait AND KEEP The car in tak untill he gets to the wedding chapel(thats also what that chured could be used for)so what do you think about this.

  5. Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium, Giant Stadium, Shea Stadium, & Covenntion Centers.

    Which Locations would you preffer to be in the game, and what events would you like them to implent?

    I personally would like them to put Giant Stadium in the game, because it would add to Alderney, and it would be a cool site to see it sitting across the river. Madison Square Garden is a must aswell.

    The best fit event I can think of is a Boxing match at Madison Square Garden, where either you can watch or partake in. Madison square could also be used for Destruction Derbys, Monster Trucks, & Dirtbike Shows. Oh yeah, and Concerts.

    When it comes to the stadiums that's a different story. Unless rockstar has went all out, I don't see the sports section of GTA doing to well. (Baseball, Football, etc...) So the stadiums would just be good to look at. So i'd stick with one stadium, "Giants Stadium" sitting across the river, looking amazing. :coolthumbup:

    All of these are my thoughts, but what would you like?

    If Niko can play football this will be the best game ever what it already is.But i want to see Saint Marks Bistro make a return it is gonna look great,i also want to date everyone not have girlfriends already set for me,and i want to see peds with emotion such as gay peds like in SA and see lesbian pedsmaking out in public and more criminals.

    Bold: Why does everyone want sport?! This is GTA not some EA sports game. Stadium events like the Hotrings should come back aswell, but I hated the DIRT BIKE challenged as they got boring.

    Well if they have sports dont play em.

  6. (My Personal GTA)

    Name: Grand Theft Auto International

    Location: Chicago(Deuce City) Toyko(Imperial City) & London(Queen City)

    Time Frame: 2014 - 2017

    Main Characters: Corey Matthews, Justice Cheriefoto, & Michael Eliot (Drug Dealer, Federal Agent, & a Reporter)

    Plot: You play three different stories. 1st as Corey Matthews, a young drug dealer from Deuce City on his way up. All he needs is a good connect, and he'll find one in Imperial City. 2nd as Justice Cheriefoto, a federal agent based in Deuce City. He will return home to Imperial City after his little brother is killed by a young drug dealer from America. 3rd as Michael Eliot, a reporter on vacation in Imperial City, when he witnesses a murder, and decides to return home to Queen City early. The longest, most suspenceful GTA story to date will lead these men around the world, till they all finally meet back in Deuce City for the grand finalley. At this point you will get to choose who to end the story with.

    id play that :coolthumbup:

  7. Since there have been cluckin bell avertising i would like to know what you guys think about the food thats gonna be in GTAIV ,it may not seem important to some but those who think its it is important post.I think there will be more foods to eat and maybe new restaraunts like saints mark bistro like Niko could eat some italian food or have a russian food place.So what do you think about the foods like hot dog stands also do you think that you will be able to eat food in cars or soemthing like that i also hope there will be drive threws like in SA they had drive threw but you couldnt use them.

  8. I just get the pimp suit and and get a dildo ,pimp slap her with it and say whos the bitch you are then i pull out my handy dandy nine and cap the crazy ass bitch but she runs so i pull out a ak-47and ice the hoe then ligth her body on fire then walk out like a pimp she is annoying as hell i just couldnt take it anymore so i killed her told her 'love hurts"like when someone splits your pussy but it hurts more when you bleed on my dick cause i split your pussy so you get the nine up there and see how led spilts it.

  9. Do not read while eating, this story contains content of a very sexual and passionate nature :mellow:

    Here is a story, a story like no other!

    In the garden shed, be Girlycard and Frida naked except for some accesories, feeling their sensitive parts with their fingertips while kissing each other's warm lips, then Girlycard laid down on the worn couch and spread her legs apart, ready for Frida to insert her wet tongue inside Girlycard's senstive parts, fuckin' PSP!

    2 B Cuntinued!


    KINKY i got an erection lol :lolbounce:

  10. ill do what i always do in gta. free roam, mod cars, (if that option is still available), go on random killing sprees, search for glitches and easter eggs, and when im all bored with doing that, ill do the missions. :P
    k,im doing the missions first im mean when i first get the game im gonna freeroam the first couple of blocks then go do a mission,whenever i get a GTA game i try to make my character innocent untill i do like 7 missions then i act like criminal cause after 7mission they know the code,10%car jacker 30%kill 20%bullets 20%Niko doesnt take the blame 10%skill and 100%reason percent reason to rember the game.Thats a nice song it by fort miner but it doesnt go like that.
    I'm usually in a cop car in SA, probably will be the same in IV (once I can steal them easily)
    What do you mean easily in GTAIV the cops will probaly have alarms in there car all the time there not stupid,well not anymore atleast.

  11. Im gonna rule Libery City like this,if someone gets jacked im migth help that person get his car back and im gonna spend my freetime(some of it)looking for myths(some dont think there are myths)so im gonna rule Liberty pretty nicely i may go on few killing sprees onec in a while.Im also gonna hang out friend,and go on dates with girlfriends and look for cool stuff like eastereggs.So im gonna be pretty adventourous in Liberty City and very watchfull,so i wanna know how are you gonna rule Liberty City.

  12. Okay. Wth. I am gone for a day or two? Because I just got addicted to myspace. So now I didn't get to see this.. Well, it's pretty cool seein' someone apoligise for once. Susprisingly a difference..
    for once?What everyone is to stuck up in the ass to aploigise,im not an asshole so i have no problem saying sorry but i do think i was banned unfairly and who tried to perma banned me and what is perma banned.
    Okay. Wth. I am gone for a day or two? Because I just got addicted to myspace. So now I didn't get to see this.. Well, it's pretty cool seein' someone apoligise for once. Susprisingly a difference..

    That's fucking weird, same exact reason why I became a bit inactive.