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  1. PJ-34

    Then and Now

    Very nice, come a long way we have.
  2. PJ-34


    And how do you turn them on and off and brighter and dimmer for PS3?
  3. PJ-34

    Would you buy a PS3 for GTA IV ?

    I acutally did, I saw that it was only coming out for PS3 and that other crap X-Box thing so I went out and bought a $500 PS3 for this game and MLB 08 The Show of course.
  4. PJ-34

    Whats missing that you wanted

    The ability to buy safehouses, customize cars and the ability to turn a corner.
  5. PJ-34

    Can you customize cars?

    what!!! really!?!?!? that's a rip... Can you at least change the colour of your car?
  6. PJ-34

    Not as i had hoped

    Lol bulletproofboy your signature is so awesome I love that Asian kid getting booted in the balls.
  7. PJ-34

    Im sad.... Because of the ending

    Damnit I didn't want to read it.
  8. PJ-34

    Fucking stupid parents!

    I'm guessing the parents were early twenties partier's who are too stupid to know how to raise kids or think it doesn't affect them.
  9. PJ-34

    GTA News leaked!

    Well I guess it did happen and now you guys playing multiplayer GTA IV are kicking yourselves in the ass.
  10. PJ-34

    GTA : Newry City

    lol PS2
  11. PJ-34

    Who's finished?

    Well..you really did a good job of savoring the game...
  12. PJ-34

    Cheat help

    I was just confused about this cheat, I wanted to know if the Change Weather/Brightness cheat means that you can change the time of day. Can anybody conferm this?
  13. Just wondering if the days of the game will be 24 minutes which pisses me off.
  14. PJ-34

    How long will days be?

    I don't understand what you ment by "2 'real' minutes to pass". Does the clock run slower?
  15. I found this and uploaded it to YouTube, one thing that is stupid is that we all thought the weapon thing would be realistic but we can see it just appears in his hand like nothing happened and he gitters which is even more unrealistic than before. http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=2JIHSRxzLCA
  16. PJ-34


    I thought you were talking about the restaurant.
  17. The cops seem to be the worsed thing about the game, don't know how you could think that's the best.
  18. PJ-34

    LAZLOWS COMEBACK & finally Hip-Hop

    No Lazlow was on GTA III too, on Chatterbox.
  19. PJ-34

    New Exclusive GTA IV Screenshot

    It sucks, too small and where is the health bar, BTW the graphics in this obvious gameplay pic look like shit, Nintendo 64 could do better.
  20. Actually the exactly fucking same thing is happening in IV, look at this poor excuse for a "realistic" game. http://media.gtanet.com/images/4321-gta-iv-screenshot.jpg http://media.gtanet.com/images/4313-gta-iv...-screenshot.jpg
  21. PJ-34

    Gameplay Footage at last!

    Are you serious? it can't be though he talks like an Eastern European!!!
  22. PJ-34

    Intro leak!

    It's real no doubt in my mind.
  23. PJ-34

    GTA IV gets the Bad Cop treatment

    No graphics mean alot I didn't spend $400 on a machine for "gameplay".
  24. I can't play music or videos on my WMP, I can't view videos on certain websites that use Windows Media Player either. Can anyone help me so it works, I tried installing a brand new WMP but it still does the same thing. On MLB.com they use WMP and that sucks because I can't watch any videos. Please someone help if they know a way to make it work.
  25. PJ-34

    What will you do first in the game?

    Probably just drive around, get used to the controls then do some missions.