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  1. when I'm playing night games it always makes me wear those long sleeves, all the games I've played this same thing happens. I remember when I had MLB 2K5 this happened every single game during the season and the same thing better not happen, i was wondering if this always happens because it always does to me.

  2. Talk stations are awesome... You don't remember Lazlow??? :o

    I think there will be a good mix of genres for IV. Classic rock station FTW!

    Ya I was very upset when Lazlow didn't really have a big part in San Andreas because the only radio stations i listened to were V-Rock and Chatterbox FM. i hope Lazlow's on IV.

    There is supposed to be some Led-Zeppelin on there so that's good enough for me.

  3. The controls have already been confirmed I think, I'll have a look around and see if I can find them for you.

    EDIT 2:

    Found them and yes, R2 and L2 are used to accelerate and brake.

    White text denotes an on-foot event

    Red text denotes an on-click event

    Blue text denotes an in-car event



    Source: http://www.gtagaming.com/gtaiv/inc/information/controls

    Are you kidding me? fuck that's bullshit I fuckin hate those kinds of controlls.

  4. I doubt they're gonna make it realistic to the last drop. You catch fire you pretty much die, don't know what GTA will do, honestly I have no fucking clue what this game's going to be about.

  5. You can tell from the second pic that it is an in-game screenshot, without the huds of course. Look carefully and you can see a big difference in detail from a cut-scene and that. And about that CJ pic, Notice how every Niko one is the same and every CJ one is different because the character modelling is so user friendly in SA because you can wear, and look however you want, not wear a shitty zip up with a huge collar and crap hair cut.

  6. I've noticed that in gameplay screenshots from IV and SA I've seen no difference, this pisses me off alot actually because I bought a PS3 for this game and that is $450 for something with no difference other than the fact that you can't change specific clothes, only outfits, what a piece of shit honestly has anybody else noticed this? The graphics you see in trailers you will not see in gameplay, look at these screenshots, look at the cops watch in the second one and the face detail and background detai, they all fuckin suck.

    CJ and Niko, only difference is the colour of their skin!!!

    Background, face, watch, car details all suck ass

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