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    Sure I'll try uploading it later on today. Gotta give me a sec. though
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    Playing on the PS3.
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    Yup from what I've read you would have to replay the game over again and choose option C this time. I'm going to start my replay of the game soon, I chose option c btw. Going to create a save game slot right before the decision, so I can see the other two endings for myself.
  4. Finished GTAV. This game man, wow.

  5. Reviews are going to hit the internet starting Monday. - Jim Sterling from Destructoid - IGN I'm calling it now 98 metacritic score. This will be Rockstar's finest hour.
  6. Blur

    GTAV Reviews Are Out - 10/10s Everywhere

    Haven't read a single review, took a quick glance 10 from CVG, 10 from Edge, a couple more 10s. Great great. All that matters now is the game itself. Bring it home Rockstar!
  7. Heading off on a trip to Los Santos.

  8. Deep breaths now...

  9. Blur

    GTAV Midnight Launches

    Hell no. My copy is reserved. This is the most excited I have ever been for a game. Its time to go back home.
  10. Blur

    Will GTA 5 be the best Rockstar's game?

    Yes, its certainly a culmination of everything they've worked on this generation. The gameplay mechanics are ace, can't comment on the story yet, but I love the idea of having three characters. Its also a return to San Andreas, so far from everything we've seen Rockstar may have created the most fully realized game world ever, I think it will be their most beautiful game along with Red Dead Redemption. The three protagonists is really the biggest change however and I'm excited to see where the story takes them. With that said I'd say Rockstar's best work is Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV, Vice City, San Andreas and even Manhunt. Episodes from Liberty City rocked too. GTA V has not only the potential to be the best GTA in the franchise, but one of the best games this generation. So yeah I'd say this has a really good chance of being their best game.
  11. Blur

    GTA V Map Leaked?

    Leaks are out! People have the game, just saw a few legit pictures. Looks good I bet it would be somewhere around that, any smaller and the scale would be off because as of now, the airport is the size of Mt. Chiliad and Whetstone, thats a big airport (for GTA at least). Here is another map comparison this time with Red Dead and GTA IV. Presumably from the GTAforums. Also this 3D terrain map is really cool, if you guys haven't seen this yet. So excited only 4 more days till the GOAT drops!
  12. Blur

    GTA V Map Leaked?

    Its definitely real. Apparently it came from the strategy guide. Its amazing how close the fan made maps were. Here is a comparison between the the real thing and one done by a fan. The fan made map was created by GTAF user Fido_le_muet. Props to him. GTA IV looks tiny compared to this.
  13. Blur

    GTAV Tipped To Rake In £1bn

    In comparison to Hollywood GTAV is second only to Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End which cost $300 million or approx. £192 million. Damn that makes GTAV the most expensive video game ever made!
  14. Some of the best stations have yet to be fully revealed; Los Santos Rock Radio, The Low Down, and Space 103.2. I'm certain it will Oh, shit you're right I remember watching that video. The guy filming had actually put the dog in the car, but after they had handcuffed him, the dog jumped out through an open window. Pffft
  15. Someone noticed this on another site. A little error on Rockstar's part. Not sure what its purpose is, but just goes to show not even R* is perfect lol.
  16. Blur

    IGN's Hands-on with GTA Online

    Yup, its now Ballas territory. That picture I linked to matches up with the one posted above. Same lamp posts, and yellow fire hydrant.
  17. Blur

    GTAV Bravado Banshee Now Up For Grabs

    Well I entered into the contest. If I win I plan on selling the car, could use the money to pay for college, help out the family, buy a motorcycle, maybe travel the world. lol I should stop. Also you can enter up to 15 times for 2000 reward points, compared to my measly 1 entry. But if I win I'll let you guys know because I'm a cruel bastard.
  18. The shot by the lake is incredible, my favorite screen that has been released. This game is stunning.
  19. Blur

    GTAV Bravado Banshee Now Up For Grabs

    Sick car. But would you really keep it? I would drive it for the first couple weeks a lot, show it off, etc. Maybe its just me, but I would rather have 180K, than an expensive car. Seems like that would solve a lot of our problems. Not to mention having to worry of it getting stolen or damanged. But good luck to those who enter the contest.
  20. I think this time around going after these achievements will be more rewarding than IV. Not in-game rewarding but more rewarding for the player in the sense of exploration and story. Looking at some of the leaked acheivements (some minor spoiler related to the acheivements), they look to be interesting and creative, something I would actually seek out and do. I don't care for acheivements at all really, so added incentive to complete them is welcomed, whether they will be in-game or more along the lines of exploration. Funnily enough TBoGT is to date the only GTA game I have gotten 100% in.
  21. So the digital pre-orders were available for pre-load on PSN the other night (it's now been pulled). And you all know how the rest of the story goes from here. People were able to extract files from the pre-loaded data revealing a whole wealth of stuff, including all the radio stations and songs in the game (reportedly up to 30 hours of music). We also have all the cutscene audio from the game leaked, Weasel news audio, and the main theme. The cutscenes evidently reveal massive, massive spoilers including the ending to the game. My take on this is that Sony fucked up big time, yes the pre-load was supposed to happen, but not a month away from the game's release. WTF. Seriously what did they expect, this is one of the most rabid fan bases out there. Not making the same mistake I made with Red Dead Redemption. This has made my hype drop and I'm weary of what I visit now. Do you think Rockstar will move up the release date? Not like it would change anything really, the damage has been done for the most part, now its only a matter of wading through all this mess in hopes that we don't get spoiled. (yeah right lol) Brace yourselves people! Full disclosure: because I am not privy to the latest on all of this, some of what I said may be incorrect, we will see in the next few hours what is real and what is fake. So in the meantime this is just what I have read from multiple sources (namely GTAforums). Edit: Looks like some of the big media outlets are starting to pick this up. IGN has an article on their front page, with all the radio songs in game. smh. Videos are being taken down on youtube now. Take-Two ninjas are going to have a busy couple weeks ahead of them.
  22. Blur

    The Official GTAV Trailer

    At first I thought he was one of the guys you hire for a heist, but he seems to know Michael personally, "you back in the game". He probably helped Michael and Trevor pull off a couple jobs back in the day. I'm really interested in the soundtrack. Rockstar has been behind on revealing the radio stations so I went out of my way to look them up, the soundtrack is shaping up to be spectacular, (we're talking Vice City teir here). These trailers prove that time and time again, R* has great freaking taste.
  23. Blur

    The Official GTAV Trailer

    It has mighty large shoes to fill, certainly not their best work, but I liked it. The song worked great, especially at the skydiving sequence. Also keep in mind this is only the TV spot trailer (I think?), the final/launch trailer is coming soon...
  24. Blur

    The Official GTAV Trailer

    That magic. Great song choice. Who is the artist?