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  1. Blur

    XBOX 360Mag

    find. The dude (Simon Miller) is right. I would play sometimes for almost a whole day straight. Literally.
  2. Blur

    Guess on the controls?

    I hope that you can use a keyboard and mouse if optional. I'm not to used to contollers and it would be eaiser for me to use a keyboard. (my opinion ) I don't think that would happen though.
  3. Blur

    Favourite Song On Vice City

    OMGD. There are so many freaking great songs in that VC. My faves are Emotion and Flash FM. Great songs
  4. Blur


    Very funny lance vance dance. Good jokes.
  5. Blur

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    I hope so too. I can't wait to play GTA IV. I want it so bad that I am going to buy a console before April 29 (either PS3 or Xbox 360) just for the game. If there is something I want right now is to here the news that it will be released for PC has as possible. I am going to buy it for console and PC. Please Rockstar. :'(
  6. Blur

    New Screenshots!

    I think that the first pic is old, but the rest look nice. Like the one were Niko points his weapon at the cab driver. Nice find. My bad, fought they were new pics.
  7. Blur

    Realistic cop chases?

    Well if it is going to be that relastic than no more wild ramages and getting away with it. I understand that the game is going to have tougher police, and thats good. In VC it was only to easy to get away from the cops even with six stars. I would only wait for the right time to sneak into Pay and Spray. Its good that GTA IV won't have that any more. But I don't no cops and Swat chasing after me because I mistakenly parked over a civillan. Or three stars for killing an officer. What I want is for the chases to be longer and better, meaning more choppers and back alley racing. So what I mean is that they need to lay of on all the NYPD until you commit a serious offenese like throwing a grenade onto an oncomming bus full of passengers or blowing 10 be away with a shotgun. Hope they get it right.
  8. Blur

    Another cop chase question

    All True. GTA should not have these traffic laws. For me it would start to get annoying. Going at top speed for your leisure would not be possible because now the cops would go after you. You would have to be patiente aswell. Not good idea.
  9. Blur

    New Screenshot!

    No, I defenitly don't think that that is snow. It looks like the sun is is reflecting of of the pavement. I think that it was said that there would be no snow , but I might be wrong.
  10. Blur

    GTA4 EBGames Giftcard

    Ok, so I just got back from Gamestop and just about theres nothing there containg with GTA IV. They did although have the pre-ordering box with some neat pics of Niko. I was hpoing to get some specials or something, but no. I'm pre-ordering my special edition copy from Rockstarwarehouse.com anyways.
  11. Blur

    Military in IV Topic

    There could be an army base. In NYC I think that there is military base on an island (Governors Island). Located at the southern tip of Manhattan(Algonquin) and west of the Brooklyn Brigde. This could be used as the army base. It would be diffucult to get there because all four sides are surrouned by water. If Niko took a boat or chopper or swam to get there the men would shoot him down or you would get like five stars or something.
  12. Possibly, or maybe someone yells at Niko for doing something, like stealing someones car.
  13. I think that the new trailer is going to expand more about the characters and possibly or it might definitely introduce us to someone knew.
  14. Can't wait. I wanna see some more sights of Liberty City and Niko in action.
  15. Blur

    GTA4 EBGames Giftcard

    Yes, on Monday I will stop by a local Game Stop store. Last time I went there was about a month and I did'nt see nothing with GTA IV. I will pre-order my copy online anyways.
  16. Blur


    Yeah that would be cool and maybe make the game more funner. Like already said, if you had some larger weapons like an assault rifle that you could store in a backpack. And the ablitly to save and store an even larger weapon in the trunk of your car just makes it better. Although were would Niko store all is ammo? Maybe it would be like in the previous games, as you can have as much ammo has you can buy.
  17. Blur

    No GTA IV Demo

    Yeah you're right having a demo would suck it would ruin the whole game and it wouldn't make sense. Rockstar made the right decision, I mean come on why do you need to have a demo for a GTA game. of course thats my opinion.
  18. It will usually take me longer than 100 hours to complete any gta game. Mostly I like to take my time and take it all in instead of just playing the main missions I like to aim for 100%.Looking foward for April 29th
  19. haaaaa! Awesome work
  20. Blur

    World Trade Center?

    I don't think that Rockstar added anything that would have to do with the World Trade Center, but there might be a consrution site if they did, but not the acutal buildings
  21. Blur

    GTA IV Police Siren

    I'm guessing that Rockstar has changed the sound of the police cars sierns and probably gave it a new tune , but I'm hopeing to see a more acutal detailed sound like the real thing
  22. Blur

    WANTED Posters

    I'm going to print all five of the posters once I get some new ink for my printer. Then I'm gonna tape um up all over town! Sorry about that, but this is my first time using this.