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  1. GTA trailer will air during Breaking Bad Sunday night!

  2. Breaking News: GTA V soundtrack to surpass Vice City as greatest soundtrack of all time.

  3. Oh shit... this is it. I wonder what song they will pick for the trailer. After Queen in Michael's trailer, oh man this is going to be incredible.
  4. Blur

    GTAV Has Gone Gold

    Great news to hear the game has gone gold. I remember playing Vice City for the first time when I was like 11, watching that opening intro with the waves revealing the colors to the Rockstar logo, followed by Video Killed the Radio Star was surreal, its still my favorite introduction in a video game ever. I don't want to experience the game for the first time through shitty youtube. And you're right man shit is everywhere! I read a minor story spoiler already on GTAforums, makes me wonder why he didn't just spoil the ending. But yeah I advise anyone who doesn't want to get spoiled to do the obvious don't go onto the forums, its safer here now for the most part. But its like playing Russian Roulette, I want no part of it. So see you people in September. Also a tip that I picked up to avoiding spoilers: try reading from the bottom up, that way if someone did post spoilers people will have commented on them warning you.
  5. Blur

    GTA details and supposed leaks **SPOILERS!**

    I've read it, these pertain more to stuff that we will find in the game world, like animals ect. They are not related to the recent leaks from the pre-load. Actually we have know about some of these for a while, but some people would rather not know about it I guess.
  6. Blur

    GTA V PS3 Pre-Load Leaks (NO Spoilers)

    Sony apologizes for leaks. Via Playstation Blog
  7. Blur

    GTA details and supposed leaks **SPOILERS!**

    This information is from a russian website: http://take2games.ru/2013/08/prevyu-gta5-ambicioznaya-zhizn/ No leaks here I like the feature that pedestrians react to how you dress, wearing a mask causes them to freak out. Also San Andreas had 192 vechicles, so we will have more vechicles in this game than any other GTA.
  8. Blur

    GTA V PS3 Pre-Load Leaks (NO Spoilers)

    Which makes me wonder if this was a miscommunication error on Sonys part. Normally these pre-load things come a few days before the game comes out, because what is the point to cracking the data when I will have the game in 24 hours. So I think it is safe to say that the pre-load never should have gone live this early (Sonys error). And Rockstar could of done a better job of as you say scrambling the package.
  9. And this folks is why we can't have nice things. Shit just got real

  10. From the Rush casting call. Brother Adam = Fabien I can already tell this guy is going to be funny.... and I can't wait to kill him.
  11. Blur

    Which system will you be getting GTA V on?

    PS3 day one for me. Will double dip for PC when it comes out.
  12. Blur

    GTA V Achievements List

    This whole achievement thing reminded me how it sucks for the moderators/admins not only on TGTAP, but on the other fansites as well, to have the game spoiled for you in order to ensure the forums are spoiler free. I won't be sticking around once the game is in the wild, but we appreciate the job you guys have to do. Thanks
  13. Blur

    GTA V Achievements List

    F***ing Xbox, well I guess this was inevitable. Haven't seen the full list, but they sound really creative, classic Rockstar. The medals are from Red Dead Redemption right? You could replay any mission you completed and each mission was given a ranking.
  14. Blur

    GTAOnline Official Gameplay Trailer!

    No I don't believe they did. But I would bet that anyone can own a piece of an apartment or property, with their own unique interior. So the entire apartment itself is not yours, but rather one unit or section. Thats the way I see it.
  15. Blur

    GTAOnline Official Gameplay Trailer!

    Same here cars for example like the Futo GT which were rare to find, I was always careful of not losing them. So I agree its good they added this in, especially now that the cars will actually be unique with all the customizing. I guess I just have a sour view on microtransactions, although I understand why people like it. I personally don't want to spend my cash on little things for the game, if it is not in the game when I buy it than I don't need it. Thats one of the reasons I didn't like the Collector's Edition that much.
  16. Blur

    GTAOnline Official Gameplay Trailer!

    If I remember correctly this was done in Mafia 2, it made for some tense gameplay trying to avoid the detection of the cops. Some people may not like this because it is entirely new to the series, but I feel it will really add a lot to the gameplay. It will give the game that edge, like you are really a criminal and actions have consquences in the game world. I'm liking the sound of that. Hopefully cops will be more sensitive like they were in Saints Row 2 and will pursue you if you drive recklessly enough and/or knock over fences, light poles, etc.. I'd also like for them to pursue if you run red lights (like in Driver) as well, but that might be a little too much for most people. Things like races and chases are definitely going to be much more tense and unpredictable, though. Edit: Am I reading the CVG page correctly, here? You can insure your car? Is this going to be the final GTA game or something, because at this point I don't know what they can do down the line for GTA6 to top this... Yeah makes sense, if I am going to drop a million dollars on a fancy jet I wouldn't be happy if I were to lose that in an unexpected accident or something. After this I am sure whatever they decide to do will be gold. Perhaps a trip down to Vice City. GTA Online will obviously be apart of their future plans going forward too. That is going to be interesting to see where they go with that. Regular DLC or maybe microtransactions. The latter of which I have no interest in.
  17. Blur

    GTAOnline Official Gameplay Trailer!

    From CVG If I remember correctly this was done in Mafia 2, it made for some tense gameplay trying to avoid the detection of the cops. Some people may not like this because it is entirely new to the series, but I feel it will really add a lot to the gameplay. It will give the game that edge, like you are really a criminal and actions have consquences in the game world. Also Lol
  18. Blur

    GTAOnline Official Gameplay Trailer!

    After playing the Last of Us I said that was the most awe-dropping game I have ever played, but GTA V as already eclipsed that for me. Everything about this game is beautiful, from the incredible vistas, to the use of coloring. Now give me that artwork ASAP Rockstar! I need it.
  19. You're right, I totally forgot about Red Dead. And that road looks slushy too! Now the question is can we throw snowballs at people.
  20. Its more amazing than I had expected. The art style and direction is beautiful. And Mount Chiliad now has an aerial tramway. Wow fantastic work R* Also when I first saw this I thought it was snow, now I am not so sure, could be just for looks.
  21. The mural being painted in LA is incredible! I bet we will see the new Trevor artwork in its entirety tommorow or Wednesday. Also to note the online reveal comes the day after Call of Duty's multiplayer reveal haha. Well played Rockstar, coincidence or not.
  22. GTAV got M rating! *gasp*

  23. Blur

    12 New GTA V Screens: The Fast Life

    Love Trevor's facial expression in that strip club. Franklin with chop looks great, and I wonder what Michael is listening to. The three amigos look perfect, great job Rockstar! The boat name appears to be a reference to the Scottish pop band Deacon Blue, they released a popular song named Dignity in the 80s. Not my find, but pretty cool.
  24. The GTAforums has some intresting discussions, and people are doing pretty cool things over there, if you can wade through a lot of the immature posts, but I don't really mind that. (its understandable) I won't be coming online till I have beaten the game for fear of spoilers.