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  1. Blur

    First place to visit in GTA V?

    Yes. Yes. Going to do that right now
  2. Blur

    New GTAV Previews and Screenshots

    - Edge - GameInformer Not a fan of regenerating health, isn't having checkpoints enough. Rockstar have it regenerate up to 25% at least, similar to Max Payne when you would go from near death to a limp, but still have a fighting chance. Half is too much, what do you guys think? *enters room* Oh shit. *exits room*
  3. Blur

    New GTAV Previews and Screenshots

    I agree, but I am just going to have to trust Rockstar on this one, they have never let me down. Still no previews mention much about the driving, other than it is similar to Midnight Club; LA in that we can tweak the cars on par with MCLA, that is very cool.
  4. Blur

    New GTAV Previews and Screenshots

    IGN also said that the game is "still a solid six months away from being released", so yeah. I am loving everything I am reading so far, but hopefully the special character ablities are not too over the top, it would just seem too out of place in a GTA game for me.
  5. Edit. Ooops already posted. So much going on in these trailers. Think we are going to need another trailer analysis.
  6. I Want to Break Freeeeeeeeeee!!! Just take my money Rockstar
  7. Blur

    New GTA V Trailers Coming 30th April!

    So my guess is GTAV site goes up on the 29th, to replace the placeholder they have now. And then followed by the three character trailers.
  8. Blur

    Epsilon Program Screensaver and Tweets

    Nice relaxing music, almost like its putting me in a trance of some sort... oh shit! ^^Also above as R* has stated before in the GameInformer cover issue: Sounds like some fan's wishful thoughts, luckily for us Dan Houser is writing the script.
  9. Ray Liotta lends his voice along with co-stars Joe Pantoliano and Michael Madsen in new COD game. Well then...

    1. BlackListedB


      He's also in the new movie with Ryan Gosling, getting good reviews

  10. Blur

    Official GTA V Cover Art Revealed

    I found it interesting that the Ps3 version is slightly different, I believe this is the first time this has happened. The ifruit girl looks "better" for lack of words on the PS3 version imo, and we see more of rifle scope, no big deal though.
  11. Blur

    Official GTA V Cover Art Revealed

    One of the best in the series, its going up against San Andrea's box art, which is my favorite. Love the top three boxes, Michael on the jet ski, Franklin's face, and Trevor. The GTAV girl isn't really doing anything for me, love the addition of Chop, but not sure about the background (too much purple maybe?). Well other than that, the colors used are fantastic, really stands out like Vice City's box art. I give it 9/10.
  12. Blur

    GTA V Box Art Reveal Coming Soon

    Rockstar has spoken! Digital versions coming soon, and the mural may be finished by tommorow.
  13. Playstation 4 event begins in 2 hours!

    1. BlackListedB


      My computer crashed trying to access it, so I had to read articles about it elsewhere....ugh

  14. Blur

    GTA V Is Coming on 17th September, 2013

    I wouldn't exactly say this is only a GTA community problem. Maybe the culture is changing, the internet allows us to get away with things we normally wouldn't say to others, likewise I doubt some of those people would say the things they have said, to the developers faces who have been working their asses of the past four or five years. Remember the uproar when Left 4 Dead 2 was announced. http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/topic/23216-left-4-dead-2-boycott/ Sometimes people will freak out over anything, if only just to find something to complain about. Someone said it before there are many things to do between now and September. Relax and let Rockstar release the game, so that it is not the date we want, but the one we deserve.
  15. Blur

    GTA V Is Coming on 17th September, 2013

    Dissapointed by the reactions of people on the forums and news feeds. Can't say I'm suprised though. Take your time Rockstar and no need to apologize, the sense of entitlement by those so called "fans" will fade away eventually. Sucks we couldn't get the box art today, but at least there is a release date. I take that back. Fans are understandably frustrated, but some comments are uncalled for. The proverbial "child in a candy store" is the case here. I will take a delay over rehashed annual releases anyday. By all means vent out your frustration, but Rockstar does not deserve the comments they are receiving. This is great news imo, we finally have a concrete release date and Rockstar is making sure they will release the best possible version of the game. September 17 is all that should matter.
  16. Blur

    New GTA V Artwork Spotted in US Store

    Saw someone posting links to these, but didn't believe it. The second artwork was featured in the Game Informer cover story if I remember correctly, so imo I doubt that one would be one the cover. Nice colors on the first though. Edit: Ok, so only the robber was in the magazine. With Vice City coming to the PSN store on Tuesday, a Wednesday box art release is my guess.
  17. Blur

    New GTA V Screenshot & Updated Artworks

    Just putting this out there my release date guess is May 28, 2013. Nice artwork, Trevor looks quite pleased with himself and I love the background, my favorite yet.
  18. Blur

    Five T Shirts

    Which one are you going to get. I might pick up the shirt with only the "V". I think Rockstar has been slipping slightly with their t shirts. I miss their older designs, for example here: http://www.coroflot.com/mikecala/branding. I spoke with R* on newswire, who said these were circa 2006. And as for the GTAV t shirts it would be cool to see a unique shirt for each of the three protags. I would also expect R* to have more shirts with their in-game brands or: I climbed up Mount Chilliad and all I got was this lousy shirt.
  19. Blur

    5 New GTA V Screenshots for the Holidays

    Looks like a Great White. We're going to need a bigger boat indeed.
  20. Blur

    5 New GTA V Screenshots for the Holidays

    Love that last shot, with the whole crew together. Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone! Bring on 2013, the best has yet come!
  21. Blur

    GTA V Trailer 2!

    What a great set of characters. Trevor showed some unexpected humor at the end. Wow so much to take in. Over 100 pictures, great job!
  22. Blur

    Online GTA V Previews and New Screenshots

    3 new screens in IGN's game scoop video: part of their all week blowout. You have to skip to around the 1:20 mark. The most notable of the three is a new shot of a quad bike roaring down a hilside with another shot of the lake (same one as in other screens possibly). http://www.ign.com/v...now-about-gta-5
  23. The fourth picture with the huge lake, wonder if that is going to be fully explorable, or is it just the coastline? Ohhh can't wait to fly a seaplane over that mountain and land on the lake.
  24. Blur

    Online GTA V Previews and New Screenshots

    Everything is looking beautiful. There is so much detail from Mount Chiliad to the variety of police crusiers. The map is a work of art.
  25. Blur

    Pre Order

    Waiting on the Special Edition, wonder if it is going to be a 100 $$ like Max Payne 3.