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Status Updates posted by Blur

  1. Finished GTAV. This game man, wow.

  2. Heading off on a trip to Los Santos.

  3. Deep breaths now...

  4. GTA trailer will air during Breaking Bad Sunday night!

  5. Breaking News: GTA V soundtrack to surpass Vice City as greatest soundtrack of all time.

  6. And this folks is why we can't have nice things. Shit just got real

  7. GTAV got M rating! *gasp*

  8. Tennis, cycling and hunting look to be my favorite mini-games.

  9. The old phat PS3 is being pushed to its limits playing The Last of Us. Less than three months, hang in there man, don't die on me just yet.

    1. BlackListedB


      I have a 40gig phat that needs a new BD laser I believe, but I do want the PS4, in the meantime, though....

  10. Replaying through IV one final time before September arrives.

  11. FYI: GTAV site got a slight redesign, with a new info section, but no new info.

  12. Ray Liotta lends his voice along with co-stars Joe Pantoliano and Michael Madsen in new COD game. Well then...

    1. BlackListedB


      He's also in the new movie with Ryan Gosling, getting good reviews

  13. Playstation 4 event begins in 2 hours!

    1. BlackListedB


      My computer crashed trying to access it, so I had to read articles about it elsewhere....ugh

  14. Who thinks the blimp in GTA V could be replacing the reappearing helicopter on the game's cover art. I think so.

    1. JustADummy


      I think the blimp will be at an unreachable height in the game tbh :/

  15. So who else has seen the new Max Payne pictures?

  16. Rockstar Admin on R* Newswire- "We have no idea what you're smoking, but it seems very strong" in response to some loony's comments. Just made my day.

  17. Happy MMXI tgtap!

  18. Red Dead Redemption GOTY!

  19. L.A Noire all new trailer coming out this Thursday!!

  20. just got back from denist, cant feel the bottom half of my jaw and tounge, and I sallowed half a cup of Listerine. lol

    1. The Bossman

      The Bossman

      I remember years ago when I had the same feeling, I was eating scrambled eggs and beans on toast, probably not the best thing because I ended up repeatedly biting my tongue which bled and bled..

  21. Holy shit I have the worst luck ever... first RDR gets spoiled for me and now the ending to Mafia 2. fml

  22. Mafia 2 coming out in one week! hooray

  23. Life is life.

  24. @Bossman, good thing I sold my copy weeks ago.

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