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  1. Ok now I’m all aboard the hype train all over again. I too never felt the need for a first-person option, but this looks incredible. The motorcycle and plane shots in particular. I think this is the feature that I’ve always wanted but never really realized it.


    Also from CVG:

    First-person options are bogglingly extensive, with options for Assisted Aim, Semi-Assisted Aim, Free Aim and much, much more. You can set first-person targeting with third-person cover, or third-person targeting with first-person driving... the choice is huge.


    Good to know there are different options you can set up. I can see myself going first-person for the driving and flying. Also the seaplane is finally returning. This one was one on my wish list that sadly didn’t make into last gen versions.


    Just reading some of the little new things R* has added, you can duck behind the wheel now in first-person to avoid taking fire, holy shit. Rockstar never settles for second best do they. I’m ready.




  2. Loved, loved The Last of Us. Maybe my favorite game last gen actually. Kept going back between it and GTA V for my game of the year last year so thats how highly I think of it. Great story, characters, graphics and gameplay. One of the things that the game does so well is the combat. The weapons and your movement have a sense of weight to it which I love, and it goes well with the mood of the story. The melee and gunplay is the best I've ever played in a game before. It has just the right amount of gore so its not too little or too overboard and a good variety of weapons and locations.


    I haven't played the dlc though which is something I really need to get around too doing.

  3. Fantastic trailer yet again by Rockstar! Next gen version looks stunning. PC version day one for me, and I might get PS4 version in 2015 depending if I still have my PS3. Blacklisted we wont hear about Agent for a while I'm guessing 2015 E3 maybe. And *fingers crossed* I hope we get a Red Dead 2 annoucement for the VGAs this year.


    The song is Dan Croll - From Nowhere for anyone out there wondering.

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  4. None of those games really interest me including the games coming out for next gen consoles in a few weeks. My holiday gaming will probably only consist of GTA V. Maybe I'll get into online eventually, but single player is where it is at right now. I'd also like to play an oldie, one of the few big Rockstar games I've never played actually. Seems like a good festive game for the holidays. Its on PSN for 10 bucks too, so thats one game I'll add to the list.


  5. The physics in GTA V is amazing. I love what it has done for the series so hopefully it never goes away and they can just keep improving it in whatever ways possible. Seriously it is sometimes difficult playing other open world games without Euphoria, I love it that much. The random jump button I'm sure you guys are aware of in GTA V is a testament to that, just so many fun possiblities are opened up with the physics. So I can't say enough great things about it.

  6. Watch Dogs as been delayed man, till Spring 2014. Battlefield 4 will be taking a piece of Call of Duty's slice of the market, so I'm not expecting huge numbers. I haven't played a Call of Duty game since Modern Warefare 2, and I have no plans on going back. But of the two Battlefield 4 would be my preffered choice.


    Funnily enough Activision commented on GTA's success:


    “Congratulations to the team at Rockstar for their success. We look forward to getting the record back before the next GTA title.”

    Yeah good luck with that.

  7. I listen to the rock station a lot too. And overall I think that I like Liberty Rock Radio more than Los Santos Rock radio. The highs were just higher with that station. I mean for me If You Leave Me Now is one of those songs. Were as IV had Heaven and Hell and a few others that really stood out and still do five years later. It may be because I've heard of a lot of these songs, while with the stations on IV a ton of them were all new to me. But Liberty Rock Radio is still in my top 5 stations in the series for me.


    Also the dynamic score to the game is really good, sometimes I just find myself listening to that while there is a chase going on.

  8. Check out this excerpt from this video, I found this is the best possible way for stealing the fighter jet. You are stealing the jet that is in the middle of the base, so it is remotely away from any trouble and you won't have to deal with any tanks if you don't stick around too long. The video doesn't show his escape from the base, but I found that heading straight for the ocean works best. Stay as low as possible till you feel you are safe. Also use Franklin's special to make it even easier. Other trickier ways I've heard is parachuting into the base, that takes more precision thou. Good luck

  9. As it turns out, the cave or cove near the water front, just outside of town (LS), that's where under the water lies a free Grenade Launcher, and it's visible on your map as a sort of hook inward and upward from the water. Hope that is less spoiler then it is helpful.

    Of all the swimming I've done, yet to see a shark! 


    All the sharks I've seen so far were during the Sonar Collections Dock quest. They spawn almost all the time during that mission.


    I was wondering if there's anything like the pigeons or the previous things that you had to do before (like spraying).


    There are two quests to complete along those lines. The 50 spaceship parts to find and the letter scraps scattered around the map.

  10. Just a really awesome moment shared between three of the greatest actors to ever lend their voices in a videogame. Ned Luke, Shawn Fonteno, and Steven Ogg at the New York Film Festival.


    Hm, can't seem to embed the video in the post so here is the link.


    Edit: There are so many amazing things about this video, its simply impossible to write in one post, but that look by Steven at 0:54... man. I love these guys, hope they go far in whatever paths they choose to take. Good luck guys ;)

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  11. You are automically given scuba gear once leaving a submarine or dinghy boat. Once you purchase the Sonar Collections Dock in Paleto Cove the sub and dinghy will spawn there. Michael also has scuba gear in his wardrope upon completing the game, but I tested it out and sadly its just for looks. I wish there was at least one spawn point for the dinghy near the Almao Sea. Speaking of things I would of liked, shame there is no seaplane, I think there is enough water in the game to warrant it. DLC?

  12. Yeah this is my favorite soundtrack since Vice City. R* set the bar really high with that one, its best they don't focus on topping it with more hits, which is what they didn't and it was for the better imo. Each area of the game has its soundtrack for that locale, like Blaine County and Rebel Radio, and I always find myself listening to something really good that suits what I am doing, wherever I am on the map.


    I'd don't have a playlist so I'll list some songs that I really liked by radio station. Bolded songs are my favorites.

    I'd Rather Be With You - Boosty Collins

    Party All the Time - Eddie Murphy

    I'm In Love - Evelyn Champagne King

    Give It To Me Baby - Rick James

    Skeltons - Stevie Wonder

    Still DRE & The Next Epiosde - Dr Dre (classics)

    You Know How We Do It - Ice Cube

    Streiht Up Menace - MC Eiht

    Gin and Juice - Snoop Dogg

    General Lee - Johnny Cash

    If You Wanna Get to Heaven - Ozark Mountain Daredevils

    Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way & I Ain't Living Long Like This  - Waylong Jennings

    Convey Theme Song - C.W McCall (this was a pleasant suprise hearing while in Blaine County)

    Night Moves - Bob Seger

    If You Leave Me Know - Chicago (all I'll say is this was really amazing during that scene ;) )

    Photograph - Def Leppard

    Heartbeat - Don Johnson

    Breakup Song - The Greg Kihn Band

    Baker Street - Gerry Rafferty (I actually asked R* to put this on the soundtrack)

    I Don't Care Anymore - Phil Collins (my favorite Phil Collins song since Vice City Stories, which was Easy Lover)

    Radio Ga Ga - Queen

    Big Log - Robert Plant

    Higher Love - Steve Winwood

    Ogden's Gone Nut Flake - Small Faces

    Crusin' - Smokey Robinson

    Ready Or Not Here I Come - The Delfonics (And Pam Grier was hosting the station no less)

    O-O-H Child - The Five Stairsteps

    Smiling Faces - The Undisputed Truth

    Rhythm of the Night - Corona

    Glamorous - Fergie

    West End Girls - Pet Shop Boys

    Don't Come Close - Yeaysayer

    Shine a Light (Flight Facilities Remix) - The C90'S

    High Pressure Dave - HEALTH


    Ok leaving of a few radio stations this list as gone on too long lol. The stations that I haven't listened to that much yet, were FLYLO Fm, Soulwax and Worldwide FM

  13. i've been out of the forums for too long


    anyway, i can't resist picking up gta v days ago, and the world is insanely massive and complex, really enjoyable and puts my work stress out of my head


    but when i stumbled upon stock trading, i can't help but feel like a failure for not listening to my teachers back then, and i work in a completely different area


    can i get business lessons from you guys? guides on what to buy and how to read the charts? if any of you are willing, because i've seen youtube, and i don't understand anything rather than just take advices from Lester


    Ha, I'm not anymore knowledgeable when it comes to stocks, probably less since I've haven't seen any videos, but from what I understand the simple way to make lots of money from the stocks in the game, is to take advantage of the Lester missions. For his assassination missions, invest in the company that is the competitor of the guy you are taking out. So if you were killing the CEO of Cluckin' Bell you should invest in Burger Shot stocks. Then you would sell of the stocks when they peak. I'm going to give it a try on my next playthrough.

  14. I definitely love Trevor more now after completing the game. He might be my favorite character in the entire series actually. Mission Spoilers: That moment when Trevor is returning Patricia and Chicago is playing on the radio, is one of my favorite moments in the game. All the voice actors in the game were incredible really, the lines he says are really funny too, "The cheek, the fucking cheek of it" talking about his smashed statue. So yeah, going into it I new he was going to be that character that stands out; hes a psychopath and incredibly fun to play as.

  15. I'll need to try it out next time I play. I never felt the need to go customize any of my cars, they all ran pretty damn well even some of the crappier cars. Also more options are always unlocking, I kept on getting texts about new parts arriving all the time, for something I used so little, I wish they wouldn't send it all the time, but its no bother as I don't read them half the time.

  16. Sorry its not letting me upload the files. This is what the contents look like. 317 KB in total.


    Is replaying the game really out of the option? Its so good. Otherwise your best bet is to wait until someone else uploads a save file through another channel, as I don't have an account on mediafire or any of those websites.