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  1. Well I myself am a strong Christian, I do believe that this universe we live in was created by God, in my opinion evolution is impossible, I refuse to believe that i evolved from hydrogen gas, but this is my personal opinion and belief and I will leave it at that.

  2. TGTAP Gang Rules V2

    If you have ever wanted to start a gang here at The GTA Place, here are the rules, suggestions, and other guidelines on how to do just that.

    Basic Requirements

    There are three basic requirements you must meet before you can create a gang. If you do not meet these criteria, you will not be able to complete the process.

    • You must have been a member on The GTA Place Forums for at least 30 days
    • You must have at least 100 posts on the forums (as shown in your post count)
    • You cannot already be in a gang (but you can leave your current gang)

    When you first create your gang, it will be unofficial. You can still do everything, but you will not have your own private subforum. You should create a gang chat topic, but everybody will be able to see it. When your gang has been around a while and has become successful, you may be awarded the status of being an official gang - this will give you your own private password-protected subforum. Do not pester the administrators to become official, they will do that themselves in good time.

    How to Create a Gang

    To create a gang, just go to the Gang System then go to the Create a Gang page. That will list the above requirements, highlighted in either green or red. If any of the requirements are listed in red, you cannot create a gang, and there is no way around that. If all the requirements are green, you will be able to continue.

    On that form, you will be required to give your gang name and motto (or slogan), the IDs of your recruitment and chat topics, a background story, description of your turf (where you hang out) and description of your clothing. These can be

    You can get the IDs of your recruitment and chat topics from the address bar of your web browser once you have created the topics. It will say "showtopic=1234" or something, and you would put 1234 in the Topic ID box.


    If you want to create a gang, make it a friendly and mature environment. Make your recruitment topic professional and easy-to read; write an interesting gang background story with lots of detail and make some great-looking signatures. Doing all this, as well as being a well-respected member will help make sure that people want to join your gang.

    You should create some decent-looking signatures for your gang members to wear. This is not compulsory, but it helps identify everybody and lets everyone else know about your gang.


    To make sure the entire Gang System runs smoothly, we have a few simple rules which all gang members must follow. You are responsible for your gang, and you must stop people from breaking the rules. If you find out that one of your members is breaking (or going to break) the rules, then you must deal with it. If a serious rule breach does happen, then you will be held responsible.

    • You must not attempt to infiltrate another gang. Logging into other people's accounts is strictly against the Forum rules, and will result in you being permanently banned from the entire forum.
    • You should also keep your private gang forum secure, and not hand out the password to anybody who doesn't need it. If someone does find out the password, you can change it from the Gang System.
    • Do not steal ideas from other gangs. You should not copy anybody else's gang story or images, you should create your own.
    • You must not advertise your gang except in your signature and recruitment topics. If you or anybody in your gang is found to be advertising via Personal Message, action will be taken.

    Special thanks to Gerard for helping me with this.

  3. Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you that the new updated edition of the gang rules might be ready to be posted by this weekend, but i'm so busy this week that I can't promise you anything, I am trying to get another staff member to help me get it ready, but if it is not ready by saturday ill try to get it done sometime after. >.<


    This is why every time I made a WWE topic I put "FANS ONLY!" at the top, because of jackasses that come in saying its fake and that they don't like it "but used to watch it."

    Everyone is entitled to their bla BLA BLA BLA...SHUT THE f*** UP, there's my opinion.

    Sir, I would like to inform you that flaming outside of the warzone is not tolerated, I strongly advise you to change your attitude quickly.

  5. ^^^^

    Ghost's GTAS Avatar says

    Keep Staring here and I Might Just Show My Fine Ass :lolbounce::lolbounce::lolbounce: :lolbounce

    just like yours

    There is loads of those, keep staring at the picture ones. They are good. Have you seen Steven's one?

    Eh, I like Steven's old one. You know, the one Spartan corpse humping another one?

    You know whats funny about that old ava he had?, that was from when me and him where playing halo2 xbox live and he had just sniped me, thats me hes humping! >.<

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