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  1. Sounds like the elastic got off the track... aside from opening it up there's not much you can do...

    If I were you I'd just go for broke and keep trying to pull it out/push it in and see if you can get elastic back in place.

  2. I used to work in Networking, and can let you know what happens here, during the initial launch, it causes massive amounts of stress on the servers, so microsoft stocks up, and most likely rents, a lot of servers, when the playing goes down a bit they sell/stop renting these servers to save money.

    What happened during Christmas was, microsoft didn't take into count the sheer mass of kids off school playing all at once.

  3. My EBgames is a really small outlet, it only has 1 or 2 people working at any given time and is ALWAYS packed... the room they keep the games in before release is on the opposite side of the store as the counter where the two clerks would be ;)

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