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  1. Either Target or Wal*Mart... We don't have any fancy game stores like GameStop or EBgames around here...

    Yeah, any store does the trick really.

    I only preorder at EB because it's kind of like a tradition, from way back in the day when game stores like EB were the ONLY place you could preorder a game.

    A few years ago if you went into like best buy, and asked to preorder a game they would probably laugh at you... now that they realize major money is involved, they're all over it.

  2. sounds good mate but GTA is for the Playstation it started of with playstaion and then xbox got invoved ps3 should get some DLC cos its the main gta ever seince gta 3 its been on playstaition

    Except the ps3 in 2007 was a major flop and Sony isn't about to put out the amount of financial backing microsoft can for this extra stuff.

  3. Yeah, Jack Nicholson! He would be great! Anyone from a mafia/gang warfare movie would be sweet! Like Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, Marlon Brando (I wish... lol), even Ray Liotta again... But what about famous chicks from action movies? (not just charlies angels). How about Uma Thurman...?

    oh dude, Marlon brando would be EPIC, like as the voice of the lead mafia boss.

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