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  1. Ah yes.


    *me whips out his old rocking chair*


    The posts of my much younger self. Damn, this forums became like a ghost town and I've became older and some of my ideas were used.

  2. No, that didn't work either.

    Let me tell you all the things I've done.

    I have tried reinstalling GTA;SA, this didn't work.

    I have tried reinstalling and cleaning the registry.

    I have tried changing the txd file of the Hustler, it didn't work.

    It's just impossible as it seems to get rid of this.

  3. Hello friends, it's been a while since I posted.

    When I install mods for GTASA, they don't install at all (for some reason, I've tried uninstalling GTA:SA, and reinstalling it to no prevail.) and this happened when I installed a 1950s car mod for GTA:SA and I accidently installed it on to the Hustler (which wasn't the correct car model? :S) and I downloaded it from http://www.gta-classics.net/. The car model that I downloaded is..

    1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Police.

    If someone can fix this, then I will LOVE you forever. I can't install mods because of this and I like to install mods for my GTA:SA.

    Please help!

  4. Police -

    - When you kill a police officer, SWAT, FBI, Police Biker. You get his uniform & ID card.

    - When you steal a police car you can modify it in anyway you want. and when it gets stole back a radio broadcast will come on and say new police car design. and it will start appearing around the city.

    - There are 8 stars, you can suggest on what happens in those stars.

    Jail -

    - You must break out in a cool minigame.

    - You can escape in a variety of ways.

    Health -

    - If you die, you won't lose any money. because in game you can apply for health insurance.

    - When you die. you wake up in a hospital bed. with doctors surrounding you.


    - It starts in 1910 and goes up to 2010

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  5. @ Bar, where in that post do I mention Santa? Don't be ridiculous, you imbecile.

    Fuck off.

    Ohohohoh, I'm shocked and appalled.


    Enough, take it elsewhere. Both of you.

    I'm trying to get a new cell phone out of the parents for Christmas. Besides that, I couldn't care less what I get. Unless someone wants to buy me a house.

    I will buy you a new house, i got like 12,000 to donate to a worthy cause.

  6. I think that there should be 8 stars or so to allow for greater diversity. Also, the cops really should use less fire at lower levels but me smarter, like it would be in real life. Shooting at or killing a cop/pedestrian should also get you up to higher levels more quickly to also reflect real life to a greater degree.

    1* A simple traffic violation, e.g., speeding, if you pull over you lose $200 and drive off. If you don't comply you get to level 2.

    2* Traffic felony, 2 or 3 cops chase you, no weapons.

    3* A few cops chase you (up to 8), may fire at your tires and set up roadblocks / spikestrips.

    4* Same as Level 3 in GTA 4

    5* Same as Level 4 in GTA 4

    6* Same as Level 5 in GTA 4

    7* Same as Level 6 in GTA 4

    8* Level 6, plus the army, everything they got will be used to take you down.

    A little more abstract: When you're arrested, you actually see yourself in jail, and then being deported back to whatever country the character came from (30 second cutscene) and then you must break out as another mission.

    Ugggggh... I think you should play as a corrupt cop.

  7. while i was reading a gameinformer magizine i saw that they might get the old gta games like vice city and san andreas and move it to the ps3 and x box 360 and also that some loose talk as been going around about how microsoft might buy exclusive rights to it but i hope not i'll try and keep you informed

    Source? Link?

  8. ok so ive been thinkin lately and i have no modding experience what so ever. I do however want to have a little bit more of a jungle feeling in my game (i wonder why(. i have a few mods installed but i have not been able to find a single military vehicle or building mod(except for the big tunnel mod in little havanna). i just wanted to know if anyone had or could make a Vietnamese Ped or military vehicle mods. (civilian or military it dont matter)

    Thanks in advance,


    Have you tried searching places such as gtagarage? if it don't have that. you can learn from some modding tutorials.

  9. I think anticipation is the best part really. Most people know what gifts they're going to get, so it's the anticipation that keeps you going. If you don't tell them what you'd like, they'll just get you shit that you'll take back to the shops, more often than not, or things you already own. I'd rather know what I'll be getting and be happy, than not knowing what I'll get, with the added gift of surprise, and having to get refunds for the gifts.

    Yeah, but does anyone think santa's real?

  10. Also:

    1. AI should be improved, so that killing cops, especially SWAT and FBI would be very difficult. I think the highest level should be military police, with heavily armed soldiers (better than SWAT and more numerous) using military-grade APC's and tanks. I think this would be more likely, and give much more of a challenge - and making 6-star escapes that much more impressive.

    2. Buildings should be destructible, like in Red Faction: Guerrilla. Being able to bomb out several floors or even collapse a police building would be pretty damn sweet, as far as missions go, and a little bit of narco-terrorism goes a long way when making a game about criminals.

    3. Police responses should be different in different areas of the map. For instance, in Rio, the favelas often experience extremely violent police responses when the police actually show up. Basically drug rings run the hoods, and often have shootouts with police, who also have a knack for killing civilians. I think it would be pretty interesting if, when in the favela, police rarely show up, but when they do, you have to face trigger-happy cops with assault rifles.

    Basically, I think the game should be a little more realistic. Allowing the city to grow somewhat organically would give players a much more interesting and detailed environment, and these gameplay changes would complement that. I'd like to see a game where you can take on the role of Pablo Escobar (who basically bought himself a seat in the legislature with cocaine money, and when he was threatened with arrest, he hired Marxist guerrillas to attack the Colombian Supreme Court, burning all narco-trafficking papers and killing half the judges) and the like.

    Chaos is basically what I'm going for.

    If you could play and destory the city and rebuild it and then play again with diff person and storyline, that be badass.

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