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  1. Has anyone else wondered why black people have white hands, feet and tongues? Or is it just me, I just find it really weird, not being racist or anything.

    They had their feet and hands against the wall when god painted them..

    Well thats the joke. But white people have that too. I dont' think they can tan. They have a special skin thing.

  2. lol gtawh shut down so all its members are flocking to nation and  gta place.

    welcome .

    Naw, they just are waiting for its return.

    I didn't get this welcome!

    I used a new name because I couldn't sign in to my old one, though I can see some of its posts on the board.

    I left the same as pyro did.

    But I left quietly...

    Can I change my name to... Odie? I just watched Garfield the movie, and I like that name.

    Woah, Ambience looks like the skin I use on my forum. Well just that bar thing.

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